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I am doing the daily upload challenge since December 1st, 2016.

This is a video essay on Virtual World games. I will begin episode 1 of all my new series with a video essay.

The Achievers
This type of gamer thinks like an opportunist. If they see a chance, they take it. They look around for things to do. If there’s an obstacle, the achiever does something else instead. The achiever also tends to be a planner. They set a goal and aime to achive it. They perform actions as part of some larger scheme. They can be competitors at heart seeking the highest score possible.

The Explorers
The most curious of all gamers. The explorer wonders what if they glitch the game? Always testing different methods and seeking to find bugs or holes in the code. Not as obvious, however, explorers also tend to think like hackers. They have an intuitive understanding of the virtual world. They might experiment to reveal meaning or knowledge in that.

The Socializers
Most virtual world games are populated with the social-types. In fact, at the core of humanity, as a species we are social. Capable beings who seek to find others to interact with. Networkers who make an effort to get to know fellow players. We learn who and what these people know and assess who’s worth hanging out with. Friends are implicit socializers. They interact mainly with people they already know well. They have a deep/intimate understanding of them. They enjoy their company and accept their flaws.

The Killers
Perhaps, the most sociopathic of them all. Killers are politicians. They act with forethought and manipulate people subtly. The politician types are easily identified because they explain themselves in terms of their contribution to the virtual world community. Their aim is to get big, good reputation. The lesser known Killer is directly correlated to griefers. Griefers are quite unable to explain why they act as they do, although they may offer rationalisationg they’d like you (or they themselves) to believe. Griefers are always on the attack trying to induce pain or infliction in someway. In the end, griefers submit to a bad reputation.

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