TOP 10 Best Lyrics from KSI’s “Space” Album (He’s back!)


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Last week, ourgemcodes announced the return of KSI with his newest album release titled Space.  Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji, better known as KSI, is an English YouTube personality, rapper, comedian, and actor.  KSI has one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world.

KSI is arguably the most captivating YouTube personality that has come out of England who has transitioned to a musical career.  KSI’s latest album called Space is composed of 6 different songs:

  1. Tommy Gun
  2. Creature
  3. Leave Me Alone
  4. IDGAF
  5. 64′ Impala
  6. Transforming

There is a lot to unpack and digest on the album Space, but after giving the album a focused listen, OGC highlights 10 of the best lyrics from the album that are worth their weight in gold.


Leave Me Alone – KSI

I’m going in Leeroy Jenkins.
Don’t f*ck around me!

Leeroy Jenkins was one of the first memes ever created on the site YouTube in the year ’06.  KSI’s reference to this all-time known YouTube meme makes this lyric an instant classic.


Tommy Gun – KSI

Tell Zoella that this n*gga f*cks better than a Lex Steele d*ck

KSI jokingly posted a picture on Twitter partially showing a YouTube vlogger named Zoella’s vagina.  KSI meant it as a joke, but many of Zoella’s fans took it seriously.


Transforming – KSI

I hit the space of the few where my Idols turned rivals.

KSI speaks on his immense success on social media and YouTube where his idols became jealous toward his success.


Tommy Gun – KSI

Gold diggers wanna play. Get f*cked, n*gga.
If you don’t wanna f*ck. Don’t come, n*gga.
Cause I’m tired of blue balls and dumb calls.
Don’t give away my number. You dumb c*nt.

KSI discusses his frustration with meeting females who want to play games and/or use him for money and fame.  Then in turn, want to give away his personal information to gain attention by association.


Transforming – KSI

God bless the Internet

KSI thanks the internet for supporting his creative work and notes that the internet is a place where a person can have a voice.


64 Impala – KSI

Why you so at mad me?
Attacking the ego with jealousy
I’m tryna do this whole thing in peace
You’re busy making an enemy

KSI acknowledges his haters who are mad at his success.  KSI emphasizes that he is being creative in peace while other people are busy creating enemies.


64 Impala – KSI

Oh you’re not scared? You better be.
I’m in control of the destiny.

KSI says people feel threatened because he’s in control of his own life.



I – hate the fact that you wanna tweet
Words at me are so obsolete

KSI makes a reference to the “I’M DONE” YouTube Video where he expresses his frustration and anger with the amount of racism he’s receiving.  In the video, he even reveals some of the racist remarks he’s been receiving.


Creature – KSI

My only advice is to love and forgive
Everybody born in this world has a gift

KSI makes a reference to hardship occurring in one’s life.  We all make mistakes but must overcome these obstacles.  KSI dedicated this song to someone named Alfie.  Alfie is a victim of cancer.


Creature – KSI

Everytime we growing they’ll try slowing all of the progress that we make

The more success he receives; the most drama and hate he encounters.  This could become a bigger problem later in his life if KSI chooses to stay in the limelight.

Listen to KSI’s album for free!

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