TOP 10 SCARIEST things in Avakin Life (CreepyPasta) | Halloween Special

Avakin Life can be super scary, and after watching this video; you won’t look at the game the same anymore.

Top 10 Scariest Things
10 – Haunted Maze (Get lost in the maze)
9 – The Petkins (Scary Pets!)
8 – Club Shadowfall (Alice in Wonderland Vibes)
7 – The Furniture (Sadistic Furnitures)
6 – Club Sundown Pandemonium (Pentagram, Coffins in the water)
5 – Shadowfall Manor (
4 – Headless Zombie Costume (Many costumes)
3 – House of Eternal Curse (the pool of blood)
2 – Posessed Animations
1 – Clip Through Walls GLITCH

This makes episode 17 or 25 in my Avakin Life video series for season 2.

*Fun Fact:* I’ve done over 40 videos for Avakin Life with over 2.5 hours of content. If it wasn’t for the people who play the game, I wouldn’t have made videos at all. Thank you so much.

69 likes and I’ll scare you to death… (。◕‿◕。)
(( This video was suggested by creepypastas… ))

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