ourWorld Flow Cheat

This cheat can give you up to 100 70 flow, but can only be used once a day.

First type in test-mode 42 and hit enter

Something like, “It’s full of stars” should come up.

Now type in cryptobiologist and hit enter

You’ll get 5 flow the first time you use it.
The second time you’ll get 8 flow then 11 flow and so on…
If you miss a day then the counter will go down!
The max amount of flow you can gain by using this cheat is 70 flow!

The max amount of flow will reset back to 5 after a certain number of days.

sentences like these should appear

This is the original cheat in ourWorld.

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Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
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