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mystery mart.

ourWorld: Mystery Mart Items...

The item's listed above can be found in Wonderland. The Mystery Mart appears on Fridays. And the items are available for a limited time.

Ourworld: Comment Counter...

So there's this little quirk on ourWorld, it counts the comments on your bio. Step one: Write a comment on your own page

OGC: Happy Mother's Day from ourgemcodes!...

ourgemcodes features 10 of the most popular virtual world games (all of which you can play in your browser). No downloads. And we have a

ourWorld: May 11th, 2015 Updates...

Personal Inventory Upgrades 2 NEW Inventory Upgrades will be added to store on May 11, 2015 10,000 Slots for 700 Gems and 20,0
Stealth Mode

Ourworld: Sneaky Stealth Mode...

So you wanna be on ourWorld, yet you don't want your whole friend list to know... Have no fear! Stealth mode is here. This handy feat
mystery mart.

Mystery Mart Items: May 8th, 2015...

This makes mole mart items 4 weeks in a row. Come on, that counts for something... right? ourWorld Mystery Mart items are limited a

ourWorld: The 'Perfect' Bio!...

I know we all have different definitions of perfect, I also know there is no such thing as a perfect biography, but I may as well give you a
no more filter

Ourworld: Filter Free Chat!...

Ever wished you could whisper to someone without the constraints of filter? Day dream no more! If you are a volunteer, over level 70,
Spring 2015

ourWorld: Spring 2015 Outfits...

So it's been about a week since the new Spring 2015 have dropped, I personally am actually quite impressed with ourWorld this time around. T
no entry

ourWorld: To private Profile, or not to private Profile?...

“The crushing disappointment of a private profile