Gem Codes

ourWorld Facebook Code - 20 Gems

Expires: 04/20/2015 (Expired)

ourWorld Facebook Code – 20 Gems

2695 Clicks

ourWorld Monthly Code - April 2015 - 10 Gems

Expires: 05/01/2015 (Expired)

ourWorld Monthly Code – April 2015 – 10 Gems

2680 Clicks

ourWorld 20 Gems

Expires: 04/13/2015 (Expired)

ourWorld 20 Gems

2539 Clicks


  • <333333that girl

    this works great rate 10 <333333

  • 0nlySecret

    omg onlySecret with a zero in the front

  • 0nlySecret

    i ment 0nlySecret

  • 0nlySecret

    XXXSHAINAXXX, is that your ourworld name? ine is 0nlySecret



  • kate

    lol you guys who make the codes are awesome could u make a code for like 40-50 gems or something like that? Ty if you can. I am saving up for a outfit

    • Donny Pie

      unfortuntely, we don’t make the codes. We just post them for you every Monday for ourWorld.


    ohh my god i really love it my avatar name is ShainaTD and i hand more gems cuz of this thank you so mach for the gems

    • Donny Pie

      You’re welcome. New codes are being added every Monday for ourWorld.

  • cool dude

    give me a 100000 gems on one thing like make me like there our world and give me 100000 gems then i will like u
    ntill thumbs down

  • Irdgadf

    Isn’t there one for weekly?

  • dania

    these are a great help
    really love them

  • dania

    can you please give some more codes

  • Blades Of Crime

    isnt thier a one tht is not for favebook cuz i remember tht they had two

  • Super Sweet Strawberry


  • ur stalker

    new one plz is a parody site making fun of how serious the gaming industry has become. The content that is published contains rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, and factual information. Postings may contain erroneous or inaccurate information. All images are credited to their original location. The owner of this site does not ensure the accuracy of any content presented on

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