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  • Varsha

    which is the code here?

  • Sally Wasfi

    how do i get the ourworld gemcodes, it useto be easy to get them?

  • stargirlmia

    i want gems

  • nana232

    I don’t think t’s really nice to always like they gems codes for ourworld that’s on facebook because some people don’t have facebook so um thanks :D

  • Sky

    Hi can you get more for ourworld? Thats not on facebook? That would be AMAZING. Thanks :)

  • josh

    it would be cool if u would make or find a gem code worth 500 gems

  • QueenOfGames


  • QueenOfGames

    NEVERMIND. I didn’t like the code that is why lol

  • QueenOfGames

    the cake worked for me but not the gems though…..

  • QueenOfGames

    doesn’t work for me. WHY?!?!?!?!

  • Feenwick Quavax

    Really tight fisted with VW codes… aintcha!

  • Hare Candy

    Thank you very much for the codes, love the site xoxo <3

    • Donny Pie

      Thank you for visiting! Remember to come back daily ;)

      • Varsha

        can you please tell which is the code?

  • lottie

    how do you use these

    • Donny Pie

      I’m making videos now showing you how to use them :)

  • Honey Mae Ibañez Midura

    how can u put this ??

    • Donny Pie

      I’m making videos on how to use them now.

  • Carla Vela

    ourworld aint working D;

  • lovely just lovely

    is it just me or is ourworld not working right now o.o ?

    • Ashley Sherman

      that’s probably cuz there gunna update it

  • sam

    gems can’t be enough <-< we should have more :/

  • Dexter Hi


    • Donny Pie

      Hey Dexter!

  • iiChrono 8D

    whats with the animal jam thing ??

    • Donny Pie

      Changes being madeeeeeeee. Don’t worry :P

  • DonnyPIE fans

    omg its Donny Pie

    • Donny Pie

      Hi :)

  • Fluffiest

    Thanks :D

    • Donny Pie

      You’re welcome. This site is changing.

  • <333333that girl

    this works great rate 10 <333333

    • Donny Pie

      Thank you. This site is changing a lot.

  • 0nlySecret

    omg onlySecret with a zero in the front

  • 0nlySecret

    i ment 0nlySecret

  • 0nlySecret

    XXXSHAINAXXX, is that your ourworld name? ine is 0nlySecret



  • kate

    lol you guys who make the codes are awesome could u make a code for like 40-50 gems or something like that? Ty if you can. I am saving up for a outfit

    • Donny Pie

      unfortuntely, we don’t make the codes. We just post them for you every Monday for ourWorld.


    ohh my god i really love it my avatar name is ShainaTD and i hand more gems cuz of this thank you so mach for the gems

    • Donny Pie

      You’re welcome. New codes are being added every Monday for ourWorld.

  • cool dude

    give me a 100000 gems on one thing like make me like there our world and give me 100000 gems then i will like u
    ntill thumbs down

  • Irdgadf

    Isn’t there one for weekly?

  • dania

    these are a great help
    really love them

  • dania

    can you please give some more codes

  • Blades Of Crime

    isnt thier a one tht is not for favebook cuz i remember tht they had two

  • Super Sweet Strawberry


  • ur stalker

    new one plz