Name Changes for OGC Authors

Since Skye and I have been so busy with the site and summer just starting, we only recently got a change to play downWorld. But when we tried to register our names everyone knows us by, they were taken (except Skye, he only got the name SkyeLogic) :| We can’t use any of these names:

  • CK SkyeLogic
  • CK LunaLocket
  • LunaLocket
  • Luna Locket
  • Skye Logic
  • Last Cookie
  • LastCookie

If anyone on that list claims to be us, they’re not the real Skye and Luna. Just some sad little people desperately trying to be. This only applies to downWorld. NOT ourWorld!

Instead of trying to convince them to give it back, just know that is not really us. And we decided to get new names! We haven’t decided them yet because…

We want YOU to decide our new names.

Leave a comment and suggest a new name each for Skye and Luna!
If we love it, you’ll get a present. 

No more Luna and Skye! D:

Please nothing with the words “cxi, hawt, cute, istoleyour…” etc.
Those types of names aren’t as fitting for us.

We loved our previous names so we hope you can help find us new ones.

ALSO, as far as we know, Last Cookie will not be changing her name!

Last Cookie’s edit: Sadly, my name has been taken too. :\ So I’m using “Skka” on downWorld for now.

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  • Magnificient

    Luna Pie
    Skye Cookie
    Last Logic


  • iCOOLname

    Names for Luna:
    Names for Skye:

    Luna: touchMyBoobs  |||||||| or  | ||||| iStoleyourBoob
    Skye: iTouchedLUNAsBoobs \\ or\\\\\ HOTnBOOBS

    oh yea! I love BOOBS !!! :))

  • NickX16

    I ment like Without Skye And Luna name in it
    If you like it please gift me a Awesome Gift Ever. Thanks Love you guys!
    Avatar name: NickX16

  • NickX16

    Just found out that you guys dont really want the Skye and Luna in it? well im sorry but ill try it again with a better name without skye and luna but still u can use it if u want :)

    Another Suggest without Skye and Luna:
    CK DymePiece or CK DymeLastPiece
    CK TymeFuture
    CK MinaDime or CK MinaDiamond
    CK DinaDino

  • NickX16

    You Guys Look Like A Match/Couple So i Think Of it CK SkyeRebel and CK LunaRebel if u dont think is going to work u can try this

    CK SkyeGodness
    CK LunaGodness

    CK SkyeDreamer
    CK LunaDreamer

  • NickX16

    my ourworld avatar name: NickX16

    CK MidnightDreamer
    CK DarknessFaith
    CK HeavenGlory
    CK JusticeShoot
    CK SkyeRebel
    CK SkyeTie
    CK LunaRebel
    CK LunaLove

    Hope You Love It
    Took 30 mins to think of it

  • Dream Cream


  • Doglover478 / Minmin478

    I think that eathier 1 of u could be Master 0f 0wrW0rld      UgLyPpL101…..NOT!     KoOl PpL 0101013000     SkySkraper  ChicagoSky (4 Sky)    LunaLuvgood    LunaLuv1013000 (4 luna)
    hope u lik my ideas
    Username on ourworld: Minmin478

  • rebecca

    CK Skye pie 

  • ourworldoholic

    how about XxXthecreatorXxX and xXxuwishuwermexXx

  • Y0urNightMare


    If Picked, Please Gift: Y0urNightMare

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