ourWorld Zoe’s Club: Premium

Zoe’s club is for Premium members only, who have been residents of ourWorld for over a year.  Once you’ve met this requirement, a new payment feature will appear, called Zoe’s Club.  It cost $20.00 a month but is well worth the money.  Here are some advantages to being in the club:

  • 500 Gems a month (MORE GEMS THAN BEFORE)
  • Free Marketplace! (No listing fees – save gems)
  • Platinum Star Marker (distinguish yourself with a silver star by your name)
  • 100% Flow Boost (permanent flow boost, even when grouped)
  • Bigger Groups!  (make a group of up to 8 of your closest friends)
  • Zoe’s Exclusive Shop (get access to the newest and most super rare shop of them all)

Here’s what the invite looks like! You’ll get it in your ourWorld inbox if you’re eligible:

If you get this message, then you can join! :D

Not only is this a ridiculous deal, you would have to be crazy not to get it.  Zoe’s Exclusive Shop may seem expensive, but some of those items sell for millions of coins, thus equaling out to years of residency passes that you can buy from the marketplace.  Below are some pictures to give you a better idea of how awesome this feature is:





This is the most awesome thing since, like, EVER! Now you can finally get that happy or sad cloud you’ve always wanted, or maybe those good/bad bunny paws you’ve always wished for.  I hope you enjoyed this short guide on Zoe’s Premium Club.  We’ll see you on ourWorld, have fun! ~(^_^)~

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  • Sydriana

    i bought it like 3 times, but it NEVER came either time!! i’m so sad :(
    add me or gift me.. TINY GIRL=ME!!

    thank you!!!

    • Sydriana

      my name is Sydriana by the way and i have an awesome sister Blonde Squirrel and lots more!! :)
      :D XD xD :)) lol

  • http://hotandnotgirl.webs.com/ Today™

    Got that looong time ago. My sister don’t get that so she was think she’s not VIP person ;o

  • I Mystery I

    Dam It I wanna be Zoes but it shows that thing were it says like expand account limits or some type of crap :/

  • mahya

    In my country they don’t have any where for me to be zoe club :I
    I hate ourworld because that . . . . . . .
    why u don’t get some where here ? I’m from Iran :)
    I want it .
    my Iran friends go USA for being zoe O_o
    plz do sth
    pherhaps I will have it :P

  • QueensHipHop x3

    Dx I wanna be zoe’s. OMG! I really want it D’x

  • Pinkishhh

    Someone buy me zoe’s club -wails- Ima give you my username and password for that -wails- D':

  • GurlonFire

    i got an invite at lvl 4.. LOL

    • PouCryMey

      Should have accepted.

    • Smart One

      Everyone gets an “invite” at level 4. It’s not really for you to join, just for you to know what it is and that you now have access to it.


    I just got zoes but imma not gift you :P
    Actually i got it because it was my birthday i got it from my sister who is herself a zoes -.-
    Actually i’m still a depended kid :P

  • II Frozen II

    Here’s an awkward thing… so I have a noob account and he has nothing special except gifting me and he is only on level 11 and never been a resident and he got an invitation to be in the Zoe’s Club… what is up with that?

    • Smart One

      Everyone gets an “invitation.” It’s not really for you to join, just for you to know what it is and that you now have access to it.

      • II Frozen II

        Oh… but then again, why don’t other people get it and others don’t?

  • francisco

    im still in zoes club cuz i brought 2 or 3 zoes club B4 but i dont have of them so i got cool items on ourworld :P :D :)

  • Rebecca

    How do you renew your Zoe’s Club on the day it expires ?

    • Cherry Quake o.O

      You wait 365 days and buy a new one xD

  • crystal bella