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Read before post by Ben: ourWorld Trading System

ourWorld recently introduced a new trading system.  It’s simple and easy to use.  And although this has not yet been confirmed, we assume ourWorld will adopt a similar trading system (if not the same one).

See an item on the marketplace?  Click the “Offer Trade” button.  A window will appear, with the item you want on the left-side, and the item(s) you’re willing to trade on the right-side.  You can only trade items around the same Marketplace Average value.  After you finish a trade, ourWorld will send you a message.

See the steps below for a visual explanation, as introduced in ourWorld:

Step 1: Pick An Item “For Trade”

Visit the Marketplace and select an item you want to trade for.
Once you see an item, click “Offer Trade”


Step 2: Make an Offer

A window will appear with the item you want on the left-side,
And the item(s) you’re willing to trade on the right-side.
You can only trade item(s) around the same Marketplace Average value (MPA).
You can trade more than 1 item, as long as it’s equivalent to the MPA.

Step 3: Accept or Decline Offer

You will receive a message in the new “Trades” tab after the player accepts/declines your offer.

How to Trade ourWorld Items

In order to trade items, you must be a resident or in Zoe’s Club.
The listing fee for trading an item is 4 gems (free for Zoe’s).  You may add a description, as well.


Wanna see the ourWorld trading system in action?
Become a Volunteer!

Visit OGC Forums to offer specific trades for ourWorld items

A trading system will come to ourWorld by the end of November.
Again, it has not been confirmed whether or not the above system will be used.

Credits: Skye Pie, Weenis, and Obsessive

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Donny Pie

Sup ourWorlders! My name is Donny Pie. I used to be Skye Pie. OGC is a project site I began Freshman year of college in 2010! Thank you for all the support, srsly. Stay awesome people ^_^
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  • potato

    I got like 20 trades on a Cirque Mystery Box. Like o_o

    • potato

      Not like that had anything to do with this

  • Ourworlder

    Tell us how to add a item to another item to trade or how to raise the price

  • lmao

    can my friend offer little coins for my high mpa item?

  • Justice queen

    my account got hacked
    me name is beatyqueen60
    can any girl who is a resident lend me their account??? plzzz
    just message me in ourworld if u wanna noe anything else

    • pinkv0dka

      if your account got hacked, how will we message you on ourworld ?? -_- think before you post..

      • Left Eye x3


    • Marija Marinović


    • lagoona

      yes justice queen think before you post

  • Snowflake

    It would be really really awesome if ourWorld make the sell and trade fee for free. ♥♥♥

  • hello

    can someone please help me i have a guy account that has cfw in black and i want them on my girl account but i get the offer is too high popup and the girl account is a rez and has allow any trade on what do i do?

    • Vampiara

      How to trade past the Market Price Using your Rez Account:

      1. Go to Your Account Settings

      2. Got to User Settings

      3. Scroll Down to Item Trading

      4. Make sure its Checked Off

      That is All you have to do. Also there is a small ? next to the box you checked off to explain it a little more. Hope this Helps. :)

  • jackiejoe

    i need a res pass for 3 months.People expect 12 mil coins for it.But if i try to offer 12 mil coins it says that ‘the offer is too high.the offer must be below 10 mil’ what can i do for it? :( pls someone help me

    • Marija Marinović

      buy it

  • morganmorganm

    can someone tell me how you find out exactly what you traded someone? cause someone hacked my account and traded themselves tons of my stuff

  • Habai

    How can i will know that my offer is deny?

    • yuiiooo

      you dont :I

  • hazel34

    I would trade my key

  • mary595

    ı want new butterfly set trade ı give super rare and rare items

  • mary595

    ı love trade ı everyday trade items

  • Cilla

    haii ppl :) im trying to figure out how send my self a heart anyone wanna help me??

  • Jordan

    Please report Too Infinity she is a bad person she is nuts

  • Chideya

    And, also don’t take what I said the wrong way I just meant if you have them and want to trade them I would really like them thnx c:

  • Chideya

    Ummm can any resident or experienced trader please tell me what it means when people ask for coins does it mean give you a coin box or what… and what LP is. Sorry if I sound like a noob I’m not i just get confused also message me if you have horror movie dress,resident pass 1 month(btw u can only offer 4 mil on it) or nightmare aura i rlly want those items thnx c: my OW name is Chideya, or Chideya3

    • Rhew

      When they ask for coins it means you have to offer a large sum of coins.
      LP means lowest price

  • Trading Please Message Me. ♥

    I know this might be off topic but…
    I’m trading my Monster Fur Boots (Black).
    If any of you wan’t it just message me.
    Name; littleghost. (No caps. No space.)
    I’ll probably be accepting Snowstorm Jacket (Any color) & Somethin’ else. Or, Ring Master Shirt & Somethin’ small. I will probably accept anything else. As long as it’s good. ♥ I apologize If this is ”Too much” for you. But some of you girls/boy’s like to go WAYYY over the MPA.

    I’m not gonna scam♥
    I’ve never scamed and I never will. :3

    Okey… Message me my little kitties. ;33

  • Swaggot

    I’m trading white cupid ribbon and black clown nose for demon eyes + something. Or at least for the eyes. Look me up I’m Swaggot.

  • Lucky Kaylee

    I traded alot of my rare items for ice star wings, and my offer was actually accepted.
    Trading headphones for something good. Add me(Lucky Kaylee, not a res) :D

  • FOSMiku

    I love trading it just sucks that people never reply fast enough for me :[

  • ksksksks

    oh dear god i need to become a res

  • FUUUU-

    Me: *Reads* …
    Me: Okay! I got this..
    Me: *Noticed I’m Not A Res Or Zoe*


    Me: o___o It’s 12:03 am.

  • Lilangel1001

    i wanna be a resident or I need gems or I wnna be adopted or married or gifted :/ Can anyone add me and help me or even trade with me my account is : Lilangel1001

  • nicoleluvsyou68

    it was fun at first until all the noob things started caming in -.-“

  • Fall3n Angel 8D

    Lol i loled so much when you putted in the description or items you wanted : pie lots of pie lol!!

  • Nancy17

    Jk. It’s not useless.

  • Nancy17

    I would love to be a resident. But it is useless.

  • rif00250

    oh yeah! i am not rez =.=

  • http://www.facebook.com/sera.marak.7 Era Nora Marak

    >:( i wish i was a zoe then i wouldn’t hav to pay 4 gems every time ughs Damning u zoe’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :{

  • SamPi

    Why cant i offer on anything? is offering also only for Residents?

    • IronicPringles

      Dude, you can offer on stuff. You obviously were not paying a single inkling of attention to the above pictures.

      • Sampi :3

        i did. but this comes up when i click the offer button

  • xXxNikkixXx

    OK 2 things 1:Every one is right its kinda a waste and kinda not
    2:Some little kids might be on here
    IM only 10 but my little cousin knows how to read and she goes on here alot

  • koko girl

    :( you have to be a resident to trade this isnt fear

  • Faaee Laolagi xD

    im a rez and i have been looking for a key all day long ugh!!!!!!! XO

  • zora

    hi everyone i want to get residant what i do ?

  • Tatiana girl

    if sombody sends me a resident pass, ill purchase u 600 gems. add me. im Tatiana girl. i know that nobody would ever gift me though :(

    • http://piercethedoctorstardis.tumblr.com Jefferson Starships

      you could buy them gems for yourself and buy a rez pass on your own……in fact you could buy yourself 3 rez passes or even a zoes… obviously a scam

  • kiki


  • humbug8d

    im only a rez til 24th or july

  • paiwast

    ourworld sucks why do i have to be a resident to trade things ?
    is that ourworld ? no its another world

  • Lexi Reed 203875

    I love ourworld so much I would marry it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tones of friends the best match and    I,M A REZ 
    but I dont gift random people

  • Elenora133


  • XxkassdiyxX 8D

    ello everyone will someone gift meh a rez pass or just gift meh, username: Kassidy, so plz gift meh ^_^

  • Sammyb2

    i hate the fact that all my friends prefer not to trade anything for my awsome ninja robe exept the noobs and resedents or people with nothing to trade back

  • Gummie Bear XD

    hi people :D

  • TM Angel

     Thats an offence to all those poor people in the deprived countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe and India. Look at what you are saying you phsyco =^-^=

    • Jesie34

      no nt really :I

  • M0nst3r1122

    so…quick question? im not a rez but if i make an offer, can i still get it? or am i wasting my time? i just need to know if both sides of the trade have to be residents :/ thanks

  • Lilly202

    just bcome a resident fr 1 month!!! if u hav luck use a key to unlock gems! or use cuppon codes on ur noob account and save their gems until ur a res! then wen ur residency is over, let ur noob gift u;) like my idea?

  • Selest

    i  love  ourworld

  • Laureta114

    who dosent like this are weirdos no fence but this is amazing i wish i already was an rez or zoes club better even but its no use :( anyway there outfits are cool too who ever makes this keep it up its fab evan more

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