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Updates: 16th of April

ourWorld is again bringing us new updates! Updates should be on 16th of April

Mostly are new condo items. Someone said condo is not important, but how do you feel when you enter  into not decorated condo?! ;


 Angelic Condo Mystery Box 2012


Demonic Condo Mystery Box 2012


New Challenges from Azia


New Vegas World furniture


Vegas World themes


Vegas World wallpapers


Follow Zoe!


New Challenge Bar And Sign


New Loading Bar (When Loading Marketplace or Superstore)


What do you think? Leave us a comment below!


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  • Nat

    Hey,I am Natalia, i have typed in april 2012 gems codes and this came up. Whenever i type in a gems code its always expired. Maybe this website should put more recent gem codes here. Like if you agree.

                                                                                           XOXO Ourworld Superfan,
                                                                                                                  Natalia <3

  • Remedies

    Updates look alright, The mystery boxes look interesting though. = w =

  • Crystal_1616

    when is the april 2012 monthly gem code gonna come :(

  • Afreenm1


  • Flower92

    Shutup home BOY

  • Rocker

    Its awesome!! xD

  • Nonono5

    ow is really really getting bored kk u guys need to give some more places plus plzz change the condo setting like ppl who are not zoe member or rez they should get a big condo too cuz thats not fair  so plzzz make my wish true thnx ,lol

  • x Rejected x

    What the He[[ is ” follow zoe?

    • Watch

      It’s also new challenges  from Zoe, but with different title ;)

  • CaseyKeightley

    oh i just notived its 16th of april im like when is the update coming when is the upate coming i thought it was today

  • XXxTheDiamondxXx

    Ooh I can’t wait to stalk Zoe :O It’s so boring when it’s just on the boardwalk :O

  • Bacon 8D

    Awsome Updates! I love the follow zoe :D

  • Mikaylaa ⚓ ♡

    Tbh,I don’t decorate my condo all pretty,No one really visits it xD
    What the point.

  • Brianna Orton

    i love the new updates!

  • Unfortunately

    SAME! :S


  • Krystal McPhaul

    Umm where is the gem codes?

  • cutiepie04

    i really like this but im confused about the follow zoe part.

  • Deviant Soul

    So buying the Vegas themes and condo items <3

  • x Hopefully

    i Mean, I like the new updates and all, but CALM DOWN OURWORLD, Like can we take a break? o_o. Seriously.

    • cutiepie04

      ikr there always updating

      • Lightning Eyed

        I think that’s good. I liked the old ourWorld better, but you have to admit it was… old.

  • chihuahualover7

    AHHH Dang it!! All the time i have been trying to get the dragon fountain in the light angelic condo box but i never have and now they’re getting rid of them!! No!!! :( i bought 30 boxes and still, i havent found it yet!!! Please tell me if u have it and if so, can we PLEASE trade??

  • April Pelath

    I hae the new ourworld updates i like the old ones better o.e

    • Lightning Eyed

      I liked the old profiles. The new ones are just darn annoying.
      At least I can get used to it on Playtest.

  • Mio Akiyama

    Heart shaped bed,eh? >.>

    • x Hopefully

      LOLOLOLOLOL. Forr Makinnnn Loveee.

  • Elizabeth Wright

    aw they are updating on my birthday :)
    and no offese but i dont think a decorated condo is that important. i dont do it to mine and im still living >_>

    • cutiepie04

      H                     B
        A                      I
          P                     R
            P                      T
              Y                      D

    • Irinotza

      My birthday is saturday C:

  • Lily Lopez

    I think it will be cool!!!!!!!

  • Forever in Color

    Yay! Could get more coins now!

  • thamra

    The new Challenge bar and sign is already on DownWorld!!

  • Antwnia’s PC

    April 16th has to do more with condo

  • I Am Andi™

    What the fuwk does “Follow Zoe” means?! o_o
    Mistery… .-.

    • ranaa

      its  means u can follow zoe she will tell u to follow her and then u follow her it will be fun

      • Not sure

        I can’t wait! I’ll bet there will be prizes and things :D

        • cutiepie04

          maybe but that would be cool

      • cutiepie04

        how do you know

      • Mikaylaa ⚓ ♡

         Oh I thought it was like you follow her,status updates & things like that,sort of like twitter xD

    • cutiepie04

      ikr im confused to

    • Watch

      She’ll show you fun Challenges that will teach you all about ourWorld and award great prizes too.”

    • Nat

      Ikr? Thats what i was thinking……. Akward

  • Frozen Memories

    I see we will have angelic/demonic condo box 2012 , but will we have any angelic/demonic mystery box 2012 ( clothes ) ?????

    • I’m A Mistake

      I was thinking that too… :|

      • cutiepie04

        me too

    • Irinotza

      I asked that too ^.^

  • Elmorocks

    cool 8-) hehe

  • FIuffy

    Cool Zoe stuff eh?

  • CaseyKeightley

    um just wondering what following zoe is  it like shes stalking us?
    oh and i cant wait for new challenges

    • FIuffy

      Wait it says follow Zoe so we’re supposedly the stalkers

    • XXxTheDiamondxXx

      No, we’re stalking her! :D yay! trollol XP

    • Sasha48

      me to

  • Michelle

    It’s prolly going to be expensive . . .

    • Elmorocks

      yes, yes it is..

      • Sasha48


    • Irinotza

      But cool o: So you can save up for a heart bed for you and your babe 8P. And I would like once a life a bed you can buy with 2 places you can stay (and a frend o.o)

  • Paola Lopez

    New challenges from Azia?! :D

    • ranaa

      ya i wish its like gift the ppl who r not res

      • x Hopefully

        Obviously not, not even in your dreams.

        • SmiIes

          That is way to nice to do and there are so many people who are not residents You would start seeing noobs wearing cool stuff S: and trying to r8p you… and That would totally not be fair to the residents cuz they have to pay for what they get so I think tourists need to suck it up or quit.

        • XlSamanthalX

          lol :P

      • Lightning Eyed

        As if ever, darling. I wouldn’t gift people in my wildest dreams.

    • cutiepie04

      i wonder what it would be

      • CK Epic Weirdo

        I’ve checked playtest, its expedition nevermore, beat street, and vegas for 5 flow apiece