ourWorld Monthly Items: December 2012

You’ve been introduced with the frosty December 2012 monthly item boxes here, so now it’s time to look what’s inside of them~ ♥

Note: there might be more items added to the monthly set

~Dec 2012 Winter Hart Set~

Female Hair Decorations

Male Hair Decorations

Female Scarfs

Male Scarfs

Female Belts

Male Belts



I like the choice of colours and honestly love the wings. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment us ♥


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  • gg

    dont u get it its called our world it doesnt matter wat they do have fun on it and do wat u want to do

  • rarescorsiuc

    Why don’t you guys like them? I might sound crazy but I like it (:

    LOVE the antlers and the scarves, maybe the wings.

  • x CL0UDY

    Hi OGC! Just wanted to know that on ow local news there is (I think) winter items :D The are beautiful ^^ Can U alsow put it? ;)

  • I’m Adam360

    I like the wings and I think it’s a good December monthly item!

  • pillow per

    how much is this stuff

  • pillow per

    hey how much douse this coust

  • Avalon

    I love it! Cant wait to purchase them ;)

  • <33 :3 LOVE

    stop complaining i mean c’mon if you don’t like them just go buy a new outfit or something and there definitely not antlers i mean look at it it say —(male/female HAIR DECORATIONS!!)– just making my point and they worked hard on this!! I mean think about how much stuff they half to do there e-mailing people who need help and are coming up with more idea so I mean like give it a chance!!!!

  • Month

    the belts or decorations look like wings? D:

  • pandabear52

    i love them :D

  • mayelis

    no le entercambian nada eso mmg

  • mayelis

    la cemillla del maldito ourwold de la creta

  • mayelis

    la semilla

  • mayelis

    yo no me monto en motoconcho del toto de la creta

  • mayelis

    el toto mio esta cagado de mierdad

  • mayelis

    el toto

  • mayelis

    hello mama ourworld Mamate seed chalk hate you son of a bitch

  • mayelis


  • mayelis

    jajjajja lol stupid ourwold wold hate ourworld

  • mayelis

    breast and chalk the chalk of you know and your mom know

  • mayelis

    hola degraciado todo en ourwold pero meno rb

  • mayelis

    yo odio los malditos guest de la creta lo mama guevo eso mama semilla f

  • mayelis


  • mayelis

    hola mamatoto

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003994037707 Soong Pei Chze

    I like the wings very much!

  • angleofdarkness12

    i like it to

  • Chasing Shadows

    November Monthly code


  • Stars

    The update is starting! That means the new christmas items are coming to ow! Once again, ty ow!

  • Mr kevin

    just asking a extra question i have got like all of the nightmare hunter stuff but is there atop for the nightmare hunter outfit if any one knows let me know.

  • Lexi Silverstar

    Because.. I AM NOT TELLING

  • Lexi Silverstar

    hey, heres a big fat spoiler. I kno what the January will b.

  • pooh

    I really need to save up gems :S

  • DontWannaSighnIn

    eh o_o

  • AA gurl

    I like them there like more snowy tipe of thing and like its so snowy i like the theme in there elagent to!! :P

  • robogabi


  • Moroxide

    Im SOO getting the wings!<3

  • x Teardrop x


  • DestinyLuvsYou

    I wonder why the girls wings have ice sickles dripping down and the guys wings are different o.o

  • Smart Kaiix3

    There so cute!!! I love all of them