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Monthly Items: July 2013

(@CK Lellepop)

Greet the new month with these fantastic ROBOTIC designer clothes by Otto!

Tech Trooper Scarf:

Tech Trooper Upper:

Tech Trooper Lower:
Tech Trooper Gun-Blade:

What do you think of the new attire? : D


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  • Rajhean

    I wish ourworld had a yearly gift of free residency for those people who have been on Ourworld since the beginning. I’ve been on Ourworld since 2009 and.. NOTHING. Absolutely nothing for those who were there for u guys since the very beginning.

  • sdfisabof

    i think ourworld should have a box that has 2009 and 2008 box so u could get stuff from bunny items vamp deamons all that -.- i luv 2009 and 2008 items ourworld now sucks !!

    • i Cake

      You get those items through zoes auctions/zoes club/ trading. If they just let you get every item like that the trade system would collapse. :I Grow up.

  • Why should I tell you D:

  • Sore Nipples

    HAHAHAHAHAHA this is actually so bad its funny! no wait… Im crying :'(

  • O_o

    honestly i hate these items o.o they look crazy

    what happend to the good ideas o_o

  • xAndyQuinnx

    only one? not anymore ;P

  • Marieeeeee

    Looks like im only buying the Gun blade! ;D

  • WhatHappendOldOutfits?

    Not to be rude or anything.. but you definitely wont see me wearing these items.

    I’m sorry but they arn’t as good as last years items. ♥ I mean.. Just look at the Arms and Legs. They weirdly look hilarious. Perhaps I could buy them and wait till Halloween and scare people with these outfits. ☺

    N’aw.. But really what happend to the old outfits? o_x

    Don’t get me wrong I love some of the newer items! ♥


    • wait wat

      ourworld decided to make more “kind friendly” monthly items so now most monthly items SUCK (don’t even ask what they were thinking with adoption and marriage)

  • Annabell

    Wdf -________________________________-

  • wait wat

    *looks through items then sees blade gun*
    blade gun?!?!?!?! well I know the only item I get from this set is…

    • Ashley Tucker


      • wait wat

        I know your one but what am I?

        • Ashley Tucker


      • Mayan


  • Tashai


  • mary

    i think it looks a little cool :D

  • UniqueAngel

    They kind look like transformer stuff.. maybe i might not spend my gems on them.

    • Dared

      You’re right! And that’s exactly why I won’t get these items, I don’t want my avatar to look like a transformer.

      • UniqueAngel

        Lol, yeah i’m not really into transformer stuff. (>_<)

  • Cynical Cyanide

    Okay, prices!

    Set = 80 Gems
    Singular Items = 25 Gems Each.

    Not that bad! ^_^

    • wait wat

      singular item prices aren’t that bad at all! I once say a singular monthly item shirt or skirt for 40 gems…

  • omggg

    ehhh… maybe it will look better on o3o

  • MsMonkey

    Don’t you guy’s think these monthly items
    kind’ve look like the Iron Man type monthly items
    from May 2010? Don’t get me wrong but, at least
    I think thats what they look like… o_O

    • Annabell

      They do kinda look like the Iron man stuff (>_<) Its kinda ugly to me

  • Sweety

    ewww :s

  • Anime :D

  • Meh


    • Sweety


  • LOL


  • Wilmer Vicente

    I’ll Buy Only Gun.

    • Meow


  • sw33tdr3amz

    I would only buy the weapons. The rest of the outfit is not very good but maybe guys would like to wear it! :)

  • ourworldvideos19876

    The only thing I will buy is the knifes and guns lololol!

  • ourworldvideos19876

    Their just OK.

  • Sabribri


    • Ashley Tucker

      Bitch motherfunker motherfunker

      • Trolls Are Annoying.

        Stop cussing

      • Sabribri

        Shut your bloody mouth. I was stating an opinion.

        • Ashley Tucker

          You come to my house you touch my twins daughter and my 7year-old daughter too

          • ♪♫Tragic Death♫♪

            Stop telling people to be a pedophile. :l

  • Anne ~

    Well, this design is from Otto’s point of view. You can’t blame him for robotic matters :3
    Pros: •More Saving, Less Spend (So those of you who are out of gems or nearly, you don’t have to worry too much!) •And the guys would probably like some of these attire. •Plus, you still have the scarf as some sort of style for this month :P

    Cons: •Okay, fine, they’re not the best. >.<'' •There won't be much excitement for July.

  • °ᗯ° ▲♣♫Rex Salazar♫♣▲ °ᗯ°

    Looks Like Machines…

    • Sweety

      Lmao right :P

  • JesseArisStorm

    Omlord I want those knifes.

  • MsMonkey

    These items could have been a little bit better.
    On the bright side though, its very suitable for guys to wear!

  • RainbowChocolate

    nope. don’t like it…
    i won’t buy anything from this set

  • 0FFL1N3

    Not to be offensive, but I don’t really like this design.. I think they could have done better.. And I think they kinda based it off of the July 2009 items. I might buy a few things from the set, that’s all.

  • Toxic Dude


    • Sweety


  • Cexiest Angel

    looks interesting

  • Woop

    I’ll buy the Gun thing, that’s it..

  • Mayan

    What the..? I have no words.. This is honestly the worst set I’ve ever seen..

    • dot dot dot


    • ourworldvideos19876

      Please stop complaining.

      • Mayan

        I am not complaining. I am just being honest. If you don’t like my opinion, That’s okay and I respect that.

  • I Watch You

    I’ll probably just buy the scarf too,.. Although I usually den up buying the whole set just for keep sakes.

  • DestinyLuvsYou

    I might buy the scarf…

  • Riley Taylor

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t really like it…

    • Ashley Tucker


      • Riley Taylor

        o_e Hello.

        • Ashley Tucker

          How old are you

  • Lellepop

    I love you for the Ohoolahoolahoola :’] ♥

    • Cynical Cyanide


      • Gossip Yoda

        Can you make something that doesn’t look like the old items?

        • Cynical Cyanide

          These look nothing like the old items.

          And I don’t make items, dear. I just blog them.

          • Gossip Yoda

            The idea of it does…