Gem Codes

Many people ask where do we post the Gem Codes, so i decided to make a post about it. From now on the Gem Codes will appear on the right Advertisements Bar of the site. We will update them immediately when the new codes come out!

Check the picture below:


Hopefully this post is useful for you too! :)

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  • ******

    whats the monthly gem code?

  • Lola

    Facebook code: E7FB-BF21-E9D0-6033

    Toolbar Code: 5FC6-3E8D-6865-8A52

  • Lallej

    Here comes the “where are dem gem codes~” prepare your popcorns

  • TheBo$$

    what are the new gem codes? :o
    add me on ourworld :D my name is… ( drums please )
    Kelsie822 :D

  • Me

    (Expires on 02/03/2014)

    • Miki

      Thanks <3

    • TheBo$$

      do u know any more ;-;??

  • El Magnifico

    ADD ME!!!

  • uwish

    yes there is gem codes out… on another website … they are just getting lazy.. always have gem codes out on time no matter what NO EXCUSES ……

  • Lola


    Toolbar code week of 1-20-14

  • AIIuring berry

    IM SORRY I mean ~hek~

  • Come on, guys

    Next month :S

  • TrinityRawrs8D

    when is the codes gonna come out >_<

  • OurworldGirl

    There’s a scammer on the loose!!! :O Be on the look out and don’t talk to her to long…

    • RandomUser xD

      I agree i used to be friends with her

  • tarotea

    Everyone needs to calm the frick down. I mean like it’s not their fault the codes aren’t out. They haven’t even been released. Jfc everyone take a seat and breathe.

  • ione

    Yay! Another week without a toolbar code!
    Why did I bother to dload it in the first place?

  • Mai ♥

    Nya! Why the monthly gem code dont want to come to me ?! D:

  • owGods Gligor

    the new weekly facebook gem code :D

  • Morgan Whitney Iverson

    You can only use the monthly code through October. You must have the toolbar visible for you to receive gems from the toolbar gem code. You also must be linked to Facebook to be eligible to use the Facebook gem code. Enjoy spending all your gems!


  • EenieMeenie24

    dont forget to add me EenieMeenie24 xDD

  • EenieMeenie24

    i really want monthly gem codes!!!

  • hey man##

    wheres the darn damn codes ?? you are able to post stupid crap while you cant refresh your browser to update the new codes. seriously its that easy people!! O_O

  • XrainbowX

    Monthly code ???

  • blegh


  • XxHaleyXx

    does anyone know this week’s codes? ;(

  • Miss Tasty

    omg … do u know guys the NEW codes?

  • Chobits

    Where are the new gem codes for Jan 6?

    • francisco

      facebook gem code:F3C6-CCBA-423D-F772

      expire’s on january the 13th

  • Shay .x

    The codes on the side say that they have expired. Can you please put the latest ones up. Thanks

  • Susan

    when are you going to post ones for January?

  • Epic_GummyB3ar 8D

    What is the facebook gem code and the monthly gem code?

    • hey man##

      are you a newbie or just visiter or maybe an idiot!!!???

  • Teddehx33

    GUYS WEEKLY GEM CODE : 5F2A-8914-520B-9233 EXPIRES : 01/06/2014

    • Epic_GummyB3ar 8D

      How did you find this?

      • Margaret Jenkins

        Hi there are you

    • Emily

      i tried that gem code. its expired

  • Georgiana AdDa

    5F2A-8914-520B-9233 facebook gems code

  • Micaa

    just go to they have the codes

    • Epic_GummyB3ar 8D

      I went to that and the site didnt have nothing on it.

      • Margaret Jenkins


  • JustAPotato

    Why Did u guys make items, but we don’t have gems for buy these items?
    Seriously now,

  • arielle saffran

    the updates for gem codes change by the time i check it and friend me my name is ariiielle on ow plz friend me

  • AIIuring berry

    There new weekly gem code said it expired!

    • Sophie Strange

      maybe cause is new week??… -___-

      • Today™

        No, is not… .–.

    • Today™

      Go to facebook page ‘OurWorld’ and may be you will find new one? I’m not sure, because I didn’t try .-.

  • Dj speed

    when is the new code out i whant to know so badly

  • kiara

    hey pple

  • yukinagato445

    I am most politely to have gems than offering people for like years I feel so tierd looking at the screen for like pass a few hours! but instead I feel…….. kinda glad that they mad up but now I ofitally don’t apriteate people to much!

  • yukinagato445

    for my discution I would rather enjoy other games than this old crappy thing I see in front of the screen!!

  • yukinagato445


  • power122

    I like the gem codes threre awesome :)

  • yukinagato445

    but now I sometimes will play this game and check out free gems for this game!

  • yukinagato445

    wow I wish they can give out 30 gems when we make a new account!!

  • Cherry Quake o.O

    As I was at a party, I all-of-a-sudden had an urge to fart. XP. The music was really loud, so I farted with the beat of the music. When I was done, everyone was staring at me. That was when I realized I was listening to my iPod.

    My comments:

    Hehe that was some party!! x333

  • Humor

    OGC’s new layout is good :)

  • Edom Jehson

    Notice how there are hints of sarcasm engraved nicely on my reply.

  • IComplainAlot

    Sorry. I thought you were a simpleton. I still think that.

  • IComplainAlot

    It’s the 20th not the 2-9. Jeez… Some people just need to keep up sometimes. Oh And, These gem codes should be updated!!! HANG ON. ITS A MONTHLY CODE. IT LASTS FOR A WHOLE MONTH. HINT THE NAME? And the facebook code… Don’t get me started.

  • Cherry Quake o.O

    Facebook Gem Code (10 gems):

    Toolbar Gem Code (10 gems):

    Monthly Gem Code (10 gems):

  • Edom Jehson

    Funny. You’re making assumptions of me when you haven’t had the slightest idea of who I am.

    And you think that what? I’d appreciate it if you take considerations on finishing your sentence.

  • Wukong

    It’s the internet, cholo; you’ll never know what you’ll meet around the corner.

  • IComplainAlot

    My sentence was finished already… that’s what a ‘full stop’ is for. Since you used it a lot, I assume you knew what it means. But clearly you don’t.

  • Edom Jehson

  • cmhough


  • Guest

    So many assumptions, yet you lack points to prove if your theories are liable.

  • Edom Jehson

    You know…you make a lot of assumptions, yet you lack points to prove if your theories are either liable or not.

    Also, adding a period at the end of a sentence doesn’t always makes it a complete sentence. Take this for example: “I’m the new kid from the.”
    Would you call that a full sentence?

  • IComplainAlot

    Yes, If you put it like this: ‘I’m the new kid from The.’

  • dead-random-person

    i hate people who FORCE the codes to be posted straight away
    those poor things being forced
    (i don’t support forcers, i support the people who try to post the codes on time)

  • Edom Jehson

    Lol. Either you’re trying to crack a joke, or you’re just not getting my point.

  • Rabbit 8D

    Thats about gem codes lol

  • littleghost™


  • Epic_GummyB3ar 8D

    Who are you?

  • Epic_GummyB3ar 8D

    WHo ARe YOu?

  • Margaret Jenkins

    Margaret Jenkins

  • Margaret Jenkins


  • Epic_GummyB3ar 8D

    I dont know you.

  • powpow

    me too