February 2014 Monthly Items

Get ready for the most scifi monthly items EVER!  We haven’t confirmed it yet, but we believe this set will be called the “Borg Set”.  It will be available February 1st, 2014.

Borg Hair


Borg Eye Piece

Feb2014BorgEyepieceM Feb2014BorgEyepieceF

Borg Jackets

Feb2014BorgJacketM Feb2014BorgJacketF

Borg Shirts

Feb2014BorgShirtM Feb2014BorgSuitF

Borg Pants and Thigh Highs

Feb2014BorgPantsM Feb2014BorgThighHighs

Borg Boots


Each month, ourWorld comes out with a new monthly set. We believe each set is inspired by popular fashion in culture. The February set was, most likely, inspired by Star Trek’s Borg.


O.P. (original poster) on ourWorldBuzz.

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