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Beat Street

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—[Ani Shop]—

Designs by Ani (click to see items)
  • Ani Clothing is a collection of hip-hop and urban street fashion trends.
  • The highest-selling item in the bubbler is the Ani Sports 20 Jersey.

Designs by Ani (items unavailable)
  • Ani Furniture is a collection of hip metropolitan design themes.
  • The symbol above creates an outline of the letter A.

—[Battle Station]—

Under Construction Until Further Notice
  • Battle Station is planned to be a dancing mini-game.  It will be very different from Dance Planet.
  • The idea of Battle Station comes from that of the 1980’s film Beat Street where rivalry groups compete in dance battles.
  • The Battle Station is currently under construction.  We are uncertain when or if it will ever be open.

Beat Street Trivia and Fun Facts:

-Beat street connects to Soho and is the newest island in ourWorld.- The island’s name, Beat Street, derives from that of a 1980’s cult film that is also named Beat Street.
– Beat Street and Ani Clothing is strongly influenced from the American cultural movement of graffiti, hip-hop/rnb, and breakdance.
– The battle station will have similarities to that of battle dances.  Here are some modern examples: You Got Served, and Stomp the Yard


Countries who have adopted American Hip-Hop Trends: Kool Savas (Germany), UniQlo (Japan), M-Flo (Japan),  Lady Sovereign (UK), Fintelligens (Finland), Karpe Diem (Norway), Panjabi MC (India), Sway Dafaso (London), Lilleman (Sweden), USO and L.O.C. (Denmark), Quarashi (Iceland), Messiah J (Ireland), Imiskoumbria (Greece), Caparezza (Italy), Dynamic Duo (South Korea), Big Bang (South Korea), 2NE1 (South Korea), DaWeasel (Portugal), MC Solaar (France), LMF (China), Too Phat (Malaysia)…

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