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ourWorld releases exclusive items every month. In time, these items can become very rare. We suggest purchasing multiple sets if you plan on playing ourWorld for awhile. They might just sell for millions.

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January Quantum Visor
January Quantum Collar

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February Tiger Warrior Ears
February Tiger Warrior Armor
February Tiger Warrior Belt
February Tiger Warrior Tail

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March Cheshire Cat Hat
March Cheshire Cat Paws

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April Elemental Diadem
April Elemental Quiver
April Elemental Bow

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May Iron Man Mask
May Ironman Body Armor
May Iron Woman Mask
May Iron Woman Body Armor

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June Male Fuzzy Wuzzy Backpack
June Male Fuzzy Wuzzy Hoodie
June Female Fuzzy Wuzzy Backpack
June Female Fuzzy Wuzzy Hoodie

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July Werewolf Necklace
July Werewolf Gloves
July Werewolf Feet

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September Ent Mask
September Ent Scarf
September Ent Gloves
September Ent Boots

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October Deadly Mask
October Deadly Scarf
October Deadly Scythe

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November Celtic Female Armor
Novemebr Celtic Female Boots
November Celtic Male Armor
November Celtic Male Boots
November Celtic Hammer

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December Hair
December Female Jackets
December Male Jackets
December Female Pants
December Male Pants
December Female Boots
December Male Boots

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