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‘Tis Sunday [Issue 4]

Hey y’all,

‘Tis Sunday, and you know what that means?

Every week, I will publish a follow-up issue of ‘Tis Sunday, an interactive post that allows you viewers to have your say and win mini contests with not-too-attractive prizes.


Did you know… that you can search for a crew the same way you search for a user? That’s right, just open your Friends page, type in a crew name (e.g. Cereal Killers) and it will direct you to the crew page.

Open ‘Friends’ page
Type in a crew name in the search box
Click ‘Search Names’


my shout out is 2 mah 2 best friends on OW!
nintendofan and SuperMario64DS -4 being the best friends anyone could ever hav!! :D


shout out to my friends that support me and help me xD
Jojo-The one i can really count on- the missing piece to everything- the other half of my heart 8-)
Sky,Dev,Sunny,Jess,Razz,Jazz LOVE YOU GUYS! if u guys r reading this ilysfm :)


Shout Out to my ouWorld bestfriends 8-)

Ninja~ You are my bestest bestie ever 8-)
Kairi~ Bfffffffffffffffl :’)
xDopey~ BESTIE >:o
Kiwi~ You are awesome :)

Luff you guysss!!!! :-* 8-)

~0 Hope 0

I’d like to put a shout out to my OurWorld besties!

NiC0LE- Thanks for the Christmas Gift! You’re the best!
Corpia- Celeste, you’re the BEST SISTER EVER!!!!!!
MyMomHasAFace- Thanks, toni! You’ve made the Food Luvers Crew AWESOME!
Meiko Sakine 08- Your awesome, even if you’re obsessed with everything anime!
Melogny- Even though you’re level 18 on ourworld, your pretty cool in real life.

And last but not least, I’d like to put a shout out to my crew, the Food Luvers Crew…
Sigh, even thought you are an inanimate object on a fictional game, to me you’re the coolest nonpopular crew on ourworld. We may not have a high elevator, or many members, but we know how to throw a party!


Shout outs to:

Bffl : Morgan

Morgan, AKA Flirt… Your amazing, I Couldnt Live Without Ya Girl x

Dad: Mike

Mike, AKA street1990, You were my bffl on my first account, now your my dad, your the most amazing guy ever x

Bffl: Alex

Alex, AKA alexkr, Your The Most Amazing girl ever, Wifey Gor Lifey x

Daughter: Roxy

Roxy, AKA xRoxyLuvzYhux, I hope you see this and dont quit, You mean so much x

Final Shout Out Is To: Last Cookie, Hollywood, CK SkyeLogic, CK LunaLocket x I couldnt be without you guys helping me so much :-*

~x Glow

Shout out to:
Kenna x3,
Moonii x,
Rainbow Panda,
Soft Touch,
Hardcore Pillow,
Kayla x3,
obey Brianna,
Sgt Pepper x3,
x Cute,
x Kitty x,
x3 Sabrena,
xWild in Bed,
Ash x3,
Snooki x3,
Tiffs in Charge,
x Izzy x,
iLoveYouMahSmexyyBjtchyys <3333333 ;******************************************
*Hugs all* 8-) ;******


Shout out.
HePreggmentMehh, iCrayon, ievuks88, iLoveNick, iShakeAss, iStolrPic x3, MarshMellow x3, Murderr, NBA, supergirl11234866, x Amathest x, x BecCa x, x Deilla x, x Dote, x MusKa x, xDote, xFaith, xFor Kame, Xx TheDEVIL xX, xXDaiiDaiix3 ~ iLuGuys. <3 :***


Biiig shout out to my besties!
Skittlez – Thnx for teaching me
Auntie Tiny – Thnx for lookin after me
Tam – Can’t play OW without you.
Ash – *Still plant* :P
Jack – World war 6?
Aurora – Need you.
Nick + Lil nick – Hillarious.

~Honey Bee x3

~Jessica Elizabeth Paxford x

I’d like to make a shout-out out for some special people of ourWorld:Last Cookie,Zacsky,CK LunaLocket and last but not least CK SkyeLogic :D Thank u all for your work,u guys make an awsome job with this site ? ? ? luv ya xoxo xXxIngerashxXx


Shout out to me bestiees 8-)
Jessica Leigh x3- You have been my best friend since forever, RawR Post Man Pat <3 Gummy Bears <3 Love you :** Best Best friend everr <3 yuu
x3Mintyx3- Bestie in real and on OW <3 I <3 you mah sexy buddie ;) Married <3
Brody- Missed yuu so much. I may hate you sometimes but at the end of the day I friggin' <3 yuu
Dylan(Kyle)- We can be depressed together (: You annoy me sometimes but you know you will always be me best friend -hugs- Best thing ever happened to meh <3 yuu + don't leave :(
Mark- I <3 you baby :* You are my everything <3 RawR P.S i love you more ;P



RnB4u asked:
“Is there a limit to coins and gems?”

Nope, just like there’s no limit to how much one can earn in real life either.

LaughOnNow asked:
“If you have 52 flow from the test mode thing. Why does it reset to 5 flow after you havent gone on for 3 days? And why does it carry on being 5 flow EVERY day!”

That’s because you have to be consistent in using the flow hack. It’s just like watering your plants, you don’t water them excessively for 1 day, and then let them go 3 days without water.


Visit this page:
Name me 3 female artists featured in the music video.

Submit all answers to ourgemcodes_submit@hotmail.com with your Subject Header as ‘Mini Contest’ by Friday, 7 January 2011.

Do also remember to include your ourWorld name.

Prizes will be gifted by Hollywood the following week. Good luck!~

Last week’s answer: “That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown”
2 FASTEST: CK BlOoD ThIrStY, chandra obialo (please provide your ourWorld name via email)
2 LUCKIEST: Yellow Kitty Cat, Jesslyn Diva (please provide your ourWorld name via email)

You should have received your prizes (via gift) by Monday, 3 January, 2011.


Submission Guidelines

So before you reach over and press ‘comment’, do read up on how you can submit your questions, shout-outs and contest answers below.

• For Shout-out column, simply post your messages as a reply to THIS post. I’ll be checking the comments section below and select random shout-out messages to publish in the next issue.

• For Ask The Sky, I’ll only accept questions through forum PM-ing or inbox messaging. Send me a Private Message by clicking here. Alternatively, you can send me an inbox message with the subject ‘Ask The Sky!’.

• For Mini Contest, all participants should email their entry to ourgemcodes_submit@hotmail.com.

Author of ‘Tis Sunday


Donny Pie

Hello! My name is Donnel Garner. I created ourGemCodes in 2010. I have my degree in Computer Science. I’m a web developer, entrepreneur, content creator, and United States Submariner. I am a young philanthropist and contribute to open source foundations.

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