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June 14th Updates: Pt. I

[Transformation Box/Golden Hammer/UltraWall/Facebook Gems&Flow/Guest Room/New Games/Free Gems]

.:*New condo furnishings with the Transformation Box for your condo!*:.

.:*Now your friends can hatch your critters for you! But they can’t sell them*:.

.:*A new way to get gems! Complete tasks from UltraWall to get gem, or buy them directly from there*:.

.:*Get free 100% flow boost and free gems when you use ourWorld on Facebook!*:.

.:*Add a Guest Room to your condo!*:.

.:*Three new ourWorld games: Reincarnation, Pixelosis and Perfect Balance 2*:.

.:*When you make a new account you start off with 20 gems! FOR FREE!!!*:.

—[Transformation Mystery Box 2010]—

New Transformation Mystery Box 2010 for Condo
Some of the items from the new box! And yes, that is a door you can use like the ones in the Condo Shop!

Want to see more of the items from this box? Click here.

—[Golden Hammer]—

Golden Hammer!

Allow your friends to take care of your critters for you!

—[Ultra Wall]—

SuperWall for ourWorld: New way to earn/buy gems. Simlar to Gambit/Super Rewards

—[Facebook Connect]—

You get tons of free stuff when you connect with Facebook! Gem codes + flow!

—[Guest Room]—

Add Guest Room for 100 gems!

—[New Games]—

Click to play!

Click to play!

Click to play!

—[Free 20 Gems]—

Create & save a new account on ourWorld...

...Get 20 gems right away!

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