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June 14th Updates: Pt. II

[Buy Rare Hatched Critters/Sell Items From Bubbler]

.:*Hatched a rare critter? Well now you can keep it for 10 gems!*:.
Sell items directly from the Bubbler instead of going into your inventory!*:.

—[Buy Critter as Super Friend]—

Facts about turning critters into Super Friends:

  • If you hatch a rare mutant critter, you’ll be able to buy it
  • You cannot buy the other critters you hatch. ONLY the mutant ones!
  • When you use them as a super friend, they will look exactly like how you hatched them.
  • It will cost you 10 gems per critter
  • They have no time limit like some critters! You can wear them forever!
  • You’ll be able to find them in your inventory under “Super Friends”


When ourWorld is updated, this critter for example, would be able to be bought for 10 gems and then worn as a Super Friend!

—[Sell Items in Bubbler]—

Pop bubbles until you get a item you want to sell. Then click on it in the bar...

A dialog like this will pop-up. Click SELL. You'll automatically receive the coins from it and it will not be in your inventory. This comes in handy for residents obtaining a bunch of furniture from the bubbler!

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