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June/July Updates: Part II

[Monkey King Mystery Box/Add Bathroom + Items/New Mailbox Feature/Reject Hearts/Garden Leaderboard]

.:*New Mystery Box! Get ancient Chinese items until September 30th, 2010*:.
Add bathroom for 100 gems plus items to go along with it!*:.
.:*See head shot of avatars that send you a message in your mailbox!!*:.
Someone gave you heart but you don’t want it? Reject it!*:.
See how awesome your garden is on the new leaderboard!*:.

—[Monkey King Mystery Box]—

Dragon Full Leg Tattoo

Dragon Full Leg Tattoo

Sun Wukong The Monkey King

Monkey King Ears
Monkey King Tail

Click to find out more about Monkey King from China!

Rumor: Monkey King Box could be in lieu of Karate Kid the movie?

Phoenix Robes (F)

—[Add Bathroom + Items]—

New various items for the bathroom!

—[Mailbox Feature]—

See headshot of sender in mailbox!

—[Reject Hearts]—

Let people send you hearts!

Able to remove crush!!!

—[Garden Leaderboard]—

Your score in the top right! Compare with your friends! Will you have the best garden!?

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