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June 2nd Updates – Pt. I

[Team E&J Shirts/Transformation Box/Brazil Pay by Phone]

ourWorld is taking part of the Twilight craze by putting out Team Edward & Team Jacob shirts!

A brand new mystery box is out with items that will transform you into mythical creatures!

—[Team Edward & Team Jacob Shirts]—

Team Edward Shirts
Team Jacob Shirts

Team Edward Cullen! Go Vampires!

Team Jacob Black! Go Werewolves!

Team Bella Swan! Go overly emotional and dramatic girls who fantasize over vampires, but have no clue what a vampire actually is!

—[Transformation Mystery Box!]—

What mythical creature outfit will you get? :O

Two of the items from the mystery box
Rock Golem Gloves & Djinn Scarf

Harpy Wingspan & Unicorn Hooves

—[Brazil Pay By Phone!]—

Você vive em Brasil? Obtenha gemas sobre de seu telefone!

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