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September/October Updates Pt: III

— [September/October Updates Pt.III] —

| Gem Card Pixipets | Critters for Garden | October Resident Condo Item |

—[Gem Card Pixipets]—

Available when you purchase gem card in store. Can’t get a gem card? Don’t worry, we will be selling them on our site soon for everyone to buy.

New pixipets!

—[New Critters for Garden]—

Basil the Basilik (Egg & Mutant Form)

Carter the Caterfly (Egg & Mutant Form)

—[October Resident Condo Item – Haunted Cabin]—

Our predictions: Judging by our research, the October monthly item for residents will teleport you inside this creepy cabin!!! Probably the coolest resident item yet, if any of this turns true! So it will be a mini room in this item that you perhaps can fill with your own furniture. Especially the new Haunted House Mystery Box! If you are planning to be a resident, do it in October!

Inside of cabin - Click for bigger picture!

Note: All updates are tentative. If we find more information we will post it, but until then, they have a hint of uncertainty !

Thanks Weatherbys Dad for helping contribute to this post!!!

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