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    New Profile Gifts!

    ourWorld updated with a new list of profile gifts: You can get your friends some brain just for 3 gems!…

  • OW News

    Crew Prizes

    Crew prizes are out! If you're in a crew with a high elevator then be sure to check your inbox.…

  • OW News

    March: New Gifts!

    You can send your friend's some new stuff to let them know you REALLY love them. Visit this post to…

  • OW News

    May 17th Updates – Part 3

    [NEW GIFTS/ITEM ARTWORK] Wow, these updates just don’t stop, huh?! ;) +Take a look at some new gifts you can…

  • ourWorld

    ourWorld Prize Wheel Cheat

    THIS SHORTCUT HAS BEEN FIXED. You use to be able to spend flow as you play. Or you could simply…

  • Gifts


    At least one Love item, usually Kiss, is always available for gifting. A few of them have unknown names and…

  • Gifts


    These gifts are usually put in circulation during holiday season usually, with the exception of the items in Misc. category.…

  • Gifts


    Food items are put in circulation at random. Some food, such as Apple Pie, Milkshake, Hamburger and Fries are created…

  • Gifts


    Both Singles and Bouquets sets are randomly put in circulation. The Bunches set was for prom in ourWorld (June 2010)…

  • Gifts


    These gifts are randomly put in circulation, usually depending on the season or date. They are all different types of…

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