• http://www.facebook.com/dual.gatling Dual Gatling

    you can have this acount:
    email:[email protected]
    status:rez(this is not a rez but it works)

  • ❄Ɓɑʂɩℓɱεɳƫσʂ☺♣◘♥☻lσu3

    ourworld accouts

    user:fela gumezx Xx

    email:[email protected] ( fake but works )

    password: loveheartsu986753

    level: 100

    status: rez for 950 days

    coins: 439,000

    gems: 14,800

    flow: 1000

    shes in zoey’s club. her bf is joshesgirlisyou23

    she has 3 dagon keys all exipers 15th december.

    we have 45 stuff and close in the slots.
    she has 108 bages.
    she has permenant ink and it cant come off ( the stuff that glows all around her )