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n00b Gifting Update

We can no longer gift with n00bs just by watching a Gambit video.

To n00b gift, you must meet these conditions:

  • Accounts that have purchased or earned 10 or more Gems from a single transaction/offer.


    • Accounts that have reached level 25

    Here are some easy 10+ gem offers you can complete with your n00bs. You might have to flip through the pages to find some of them (subject to change).

    If you know of any other good offers, leave it in the comments!:


    Get a FREE Laptop! (11 gems)

    Participation required to get your free laptop. Pop up blocker must be blocked for site to work properly. Fill out the first page with a valid email to get ourWorld Gems.

    Win Free Apple iPad! (13 gems)

    Are you excited about the release of Apple’s newest technology? Click here and participate now to get a brand new iPad for free! Submit the first page with valid information and receive ourWorld Gems.

    Voice your opinion on the BP oil spill and receive a free $500 gift card just for participating! (11 gems)

    Submit your email to earn ourWorld Gems!

    Free Big Screen TV (11 gems)

    Get a FREE Big Screen TV! Participation required. Complete the 1st page to get ourWorld Gems.

    Ultra Wall

    Earn Quick and Easy Cash with Snap Dollars Today! (11 gems)

    Start earning money with the Snap Dollars profit system! Simply enter your email address, user name and password and receive a $5 credit today. Must sign up for an account with valid information.

    Tasks ( — gems)

    Complete Tasks from the “Tasks” tab. They’re a simple way to get gems.

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