How To Play ourWorld On Your Android Phone!

A few weeks ago, our beloved author Allied Hero posted a guide on how to play ourWorld on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Well, here is a guide for Android users such as myself! You will be able to play ourWorld on your

Samsung Galaxy Mini:


Samsung Galaxy S

**All of the programs have been tested**

Puffin Web Browser Free



  • It’s free of charge
  • You can send messages / post comments
  • Not only you can play ourWorld itself, but you can also play ourWorld games!


  • Not the best quality
  • You wont be able to chat
  • Quite slow

Puffin Web Browser


 Cost - $0.99


  • Better quality (than the free version)
  • Faster (than the free version)


Do you know any other ways how to play ourWorld on your phone? Leave us a commnet if you do! Well, leave it in any case! ?

How to play ourWorld on your iPhone/iPod/iPad [OurGemCodes]

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