Rainbow Mystery Box ’13

  Will be out in June 10th and will cost 60 gems!

Rainbow Mystery Box 2013 - Items

Rainbow Box - Outfit 009

You can see little of the lynx’s movements here.. You know you love this.

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 001

Female set – jacket, dress, boots, socks, halo and belt.

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 001

Male set – jacket, shirt, pants, halo and belt.

Rainbow Box - Outfit 002


Rainbow Box - Outfit 003

Handheld and halo

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 004

female jacket and wings

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 004

Male jacket and wings

Rainbow Box - Outfit 005

Star bag

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 006

Female set – jacket, shorts, socks, boots.

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 006

Male set – jacket, shorts, socks, boots.

Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 007

Female set – bodysuit, decoration, staff, wings, tail and boots.

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 007

Male set – bodysuit, hair decoration, staff, wings, tail, boots.

Rainbow Box - Outfit 008

Ears, hand cuffs, boots, tail.

Rainbow Box - Outfit 010


Rainbow Box - Outfit 011


Rainbow Box - Female Outfit 012

Female hair

Rainbow Box - Male Outfit 012

Male hair

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ourWorld really took everyone’s rainbow colored wishes into consideration! What do you think? Leave us a message in the comments. Although.. I think I know what your reactions are like right now ;D :


Did you miss me? You totes missed me. I hope you did.. I missed me. But really did or have you did you do you? Hmm? Did you have you had you have you been missing me? Or missed you me miss, missed miss missing… Miss, missed you me missing? Because missing misses are missed by missed missings.

Latest posts by Obsessive (see all)

  • MsMonkey

    I got the Rainbow Arm Cuffs on my first box
    but THEN i got the Parrot Wrap on my second!
    On my third box i got which was today I got
    The Rainbow bodysuit though, ugh.

  • dana734

    ARRRGH… I tried 6 boxes and still haven’t gotten the aura or the pet… O_O

  • Dreaming Angel

    I gotta get this soon :D

    b/w BB FOR SALE :p name of ow “Dreaming Angel” ;)

  • Free Candy

    I got the long rainbow hair from the first box. This is the best luck with mystery boxes I’ve ever had.

  • Naxide

    I was so lucky i got the pet first box ._.

  • Unwanted Love 8D

    Dang, I am getting scared of getting the same thing now, lol.

  • Bright

    :I I TRYED 1000 boxes ik its alot but i did! it was like over 10000 gems!!!! ALL I WANT IS THE PET!

  • 0 Angel 0

    I keep getting the same thing, I have 8 of the wing jaket >_<!

  • AnonymousMadness

    I’m gonna get this! :D



  • Gabe

    Do you have any items i can trade for winter pets

  • Gabe

    I love the lnyx freind

  • fghjk

    do we have to buy a box for each items

  • Lucas808

    My name is Luke. I just want to know the person who wrote this news article. What is their name on OW ?

    • Ashley Tucker

      Ashley truss and Shawn Smith and Ashley Tucker and Melissa lovette

  • Nana Kennedy

    Did anyone get the second aura?

  • Twinkie 8DD

    The hair (female) looks better from the side

  • Miss_Uh_Mysterious 8D

    Cuteee 8D

  • PsychoKiller

    The bodysuit kinda looks like rubber man from american horror story… O_o

    • MsMonkey

      I still don’t get that picture, very disturbing o_o

      • PsychoKiller

        Yes I couldnt find a better one…

  • lissana1

    it so pretty can anyone gift me my name is lissana1 !!! pls ! TNX!

    • PsychoKiller


  • BL0W

    I just LOVE this stuff!

  • BL0W

    U guys are cra cra!


  • SIow SnaiI

    meow meow meow meow LOVE IT!

    add me on OW! Siow snaii :P

    () ()
    ( o . o )
    ( u u )

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