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Animal jam is NOT available for Apple devices, Kindle devices, tablet devices, or android devices. Animal Jam relies on Adobe Flash to run, and the use of a mouse to play properly. This makes it great for home computers and laptops like PCs or Macs. Any device without a keyboard or mouse interface will not work properly at all. We hear that Adobe is working on fully implementing Flash on various tablet devices. Be aware that it may be a while before Animal Jam runs smoothly on them. In the meantime, it’s best to play on a desktop or laptop computer with a fully updated version of Adobe Flash. Do you think Animal Jam should be available on tablets? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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At the beginning of 2014, we first heard the news that Animal Jam would be coming to mobile devices like Android and iOS.  Nat Geo has already made a couple of mobile apps like Tunnel Town and AJ Jump, but they have yet to release a full version of Animal Jam for mobile.  We haven’t heard much news on Animal Jam mobile since 2014, until now…

Animal Jam announced the release of their app called “Play Wild.”  It is unknown when this app will launch.  At the time of this post, May 2015, the app was still unreleased.  But we expect it to be in Google Play and iTunes store very soon!

The Animal Jam app called “Play Wild” will be 3D and you can explore the world of Jamaa in 3D.  This is super excited for all Animal Jam fans and we hope you enjoy playing the game!!

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