CRINGE: Jumping Spiders are Cute but did you know they have Super Powers?!

Jumping spiders are like the superheroes among all the spiders.  They have some of the best vision among arthropods and use it in courtship, hunting, and navigation.  Although they move fairly slow, some jumping spider species are capable of jumping large distances, notable while hunting, as seen in the video.  All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes, with the anterior median pair being particularly large.

The sound effects in the video are ridiculous

Sound effects in the BBC documentary series are becoming more and more realistic (and ridiculous at the same time).  The sounds are added in post-production to make things seem more realistic.   I usually hate silly sound effects in documentaries, but I found these to be rather tasteful.  Its better than centipedes roaring like tigers in slow motion at any rate.

Image Credit: Thomas Shahan

A cute nope kills a bigger nope

It’s funny.  My ex girlfriend had all these traits: cunning, agile, sneaky and the ability to kill me in one bounding leap.  She was scary (to say the least).

Is the jumping spider cute to you?

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