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Twitter Contest Winner

Last week we made a contest post about following us on Twitter!  This week we have our first winner: IceBreakers.  She won 300+ gems, residency and a rare pixie pet.  Here was the question we asked, on Twitter:

Do u have a neat idea 4 ourWorld? Reply with ur answr 2 ths tweet! The best answr will get 300 gems & more!

IceBreakers replied with:

we should be able to trade a certain amount of coins for a certain amount of gems ourworld name: IceBreakers

We think this is a neat idea for players who have a bazillion coins!   In idea, players could trade 1 million coins for 50 gems or 5 million coins for 100 gems (something like that).  So for example, if we spend gems on a mystery box and get an item we dont need, we can sell the item on the marketplace for coins.  After we collect enough coins, we can convert them to gems.  Then buy another mystery box.  And have another chance at getting the item we want! :D

Some other “mentionable” ideas was adding new islands, adding more items to the custom design shop, a trading system or being able to customize items by adding designs or patterns.

Choosing the winner was a difficult decision.  And we hope next month, there will be more participants in our Twitter Contest!  :]

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