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DoDe shattered his old World Record for Super Panga World in a 1-death speedrun *24:57*

DoDe, otherwise known as Dodechehedron, is one of the world’s best Super Mario speed runners.  2 weeks ago, ourGemCodes covered DoDe’s world record accomplishment of Super Panga World.  2 weeks later, DoDe shattered his old record in a 1-death speed run.

The record was set July 14th, 2017 at the speed of 24:57 — previously beating out his old record which was 28:28.  The run only consisted of 2 mistakes and one of those mistakes was a death @16:33.  There is another death in the run but it is an intentional death.

DoDe currently holds the world record for all these games:

DoDe was in shock by the end of the run, “Oh my gosh [is in disbelief], wow. 2 mistakes in the whole run.” Then he continues onto say, “That’s the best you can do.  That’s it.”

“Wow [is still in disbelief]! At least, inside mentally, it means I can move on and tackle other games now.  It doesn’t mean I will.  I might.  I might ground out further because this could’ve been 23 with first-try ghost-health — a low 23.  That’s crazy [laughs]. That’s crazy.”

Congratulations DoDe!
That was no-easy feat.

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