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OMG I REALLY WANNA GET PREGNANT! LIKE AHHHHHHH!!! Wait wut? o.o No, not in real, I meant on Kim K game! ._. You pervs. not cool, man…not cool.

Well one of the latest updates for the game is BABIES! Weird cause kids play this game and at the age of 10 they all want a baby~ It’s soooo cute and weird. LOL

Ok ok let’s just stick with the subject.

As you know, they’ve added a new place on LAX-California and it’s called “Love and Hope Adoption Center” which is HERE:

Adoption Center

And as Kim asks you to go there, you’ll be introduced to the baby process by THIS LADY:


Her name is Maggie and she explains that there are 2 options on having a baby:

  • Adopt one!
  • Make one with your partner!!! O_O”

For adopting, you can just go to adoption center and swipe to left so you’ll see THESE PEOPLE:

Tim & Jillian

For having a boy, you talk to Tim and for a girl, Jillian. When you say you’re interested, they shock you with the price! 160 K-stars! I don’t know about you, BUT I WONT PAY THAT MUCH FOR A BABY!

Baby girl

So let’s go with the other way which is your own baby!

Back to Maggie! She says you need to reach the highest level in your relationship by going on dates and then your partner will ask you themselves. Probably like “Hey baby! Wanna make babies? wink-wink ;) “.

I haven’t filled mine so I don’t know! xD

relationship lvl

The highest level is 12000 at the moment. Might get higher in next updates. As I know, once you reach it and your partner asks you, you’ll go to your place and NOTHING HAPPENS! Hahaha~

You won’t get pregnant or anything, (BUT I WANNA GET PREGNANT!) just a baby appears and looks like the mini you. So be careful how you look like. You can’t choose the gender or change the face of your own baby, you get to name it, change the hair and clothes.

No pregnancy quests (probably cause male players can’t get pregnant so it won’t be fair), not even after birth quests!

After having a baby, free nursery unlocks at your own houses and you get to decorate it and it’s gonna be so expensive. The baby will be there and you’ll never get to take him/her out. Your partner doesn’t show up at the nursery to see the baby either!!! WTH!

Pets seem to be more helpful since every few hours they give energy and stuff cause babies have no use. Lmao! You choose!

Babies or pets

I’ll be posting more about this game. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments.
I’m gonna go get started!!! *launches the app*

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