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Kim Kardashian Game | Jonathan’s Looking for Love-weekend event


Weekend is here with another weekend event on Kim K game.

So this weekend Mariah is gone…SHE’S GONE! Just imagine how hard it could be without her!
Willow is causing trouble and drama again so who can help if Mariah’s not here?

Yes! Kim is there for help. Just meet her friend Jonathan Cheban and he’ll help you get through Willow Pape. Enjoy the event!


Just like every other weekend, you can win exclusive items for free!!!

This weekend, you need to earn 5 heart-ratings on your dates to win special items and also can buy gift boxes for 40 K-stars and try your chance for winning exclusive items.

love event

You need to update the game if the event is not available.

Anyway if you want these cool special items, then hurry up and play! ;D

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