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Kim Kardashian Game | The Fastest Way To Get Energy

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We all know how energies are so important on the Kim K game. For quests, parties, interviews and etc. you need energy to perform an action.

So what should you do when you run outta energy?!

  • Wait till it recharges: 1 energy per each 5 minutes.
  • Buy energy: At the store, you can buy energy with K-stars. (It’s a rip-off)
  • Tap on pets: They give energy every few hours.
  • Tap on your married partner: They give energy once a day.
  • Tap on tappable objects: You can find them in the streets, restaurants, bars, clubs, airports and Kardash stores. Once you click on them, it takes them 5 mins to recharge.
  • Tap on rewards: Each tap cuts 5 seconds of your energy recharge time.


But my personal advice to you:

Whenever you run out of energy, go to LAX-California and start clicking on tappable objects there, then go to Downtown LA, Beverly Hills and the other streets and collect rewards from all the tappable objects.

Once you’re done, go back to LAX and by that time they’ve probably recharged so do it all again~

If not, go to New York (or another place) and do the same, then go back to LA and all over again.

I get 6 to 10 energy on average every time I do this on LA and it takes 5 mins or less.

BUT DON’T FORGET TO TAP THE REWARDS so at the same time your energy refills sooner, that’s what I do tho.

Enjoy playing~

Niloo Wonka

Hey I'm Niloo. I'm an interior design college student and I have an addiction to chocolate and video games. Feel free to contact me on my social media any time. ;] P.S: I don't post on OGC anymore.

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