Is Bandai Namco’s DRAGON BALL FighterZ the best fighting game of 2017?

There have been so many DragonBall fighter games, it’s almost hard to tell them all apart.  Did you know if you were to take all the Dragon Ball games from the past 10 years, you’d still have dozens of DragonBall fighter games.  In fact, while making this post, we counted all the games Dragon Ball have created:

There are 249 Dragon Ball Video Games SO FAR
List of all games

But despite Dragon Balls overwhelming amount of game titles; Dragon Ball FighterZ might be the best one, and maybe even better than any fighting game of 2017.

So you know who we’re comparing Dragon Ball to, here are some fighting games frequently messaged around the web for 2017:

There are so many good fighter games released this year; it’s really difficult deciding which one is best.  It really all depends on your kind of taste in fighting game.  All these games are equally fun but different in their own respect.  If you’re an anime fan, however, Dragon Ball is the obvious choice.  There is no 2017 Anime fighting game that can contend with Dragon Ball.  But on a broader scale, it’s debatable how well Dragon Ball will do.

With the over-saturation of so many Dragon Ball fighting games, it really makes you wonder if we need another. Honestly Bandai Namco, can we have Naruto fighter games?  Attack on Titan?  Ghost in the Shell?  Don’t you see the potential here.  We can make fighter games for every anime in existence!

Either way, we’re excited for the new Dragon Ball title.
And to think, this isn’t even its final form.

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