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A girl on Avakin Life fakes her death, is mourned, then comes back to the game

[wpsm_dropcap]A[/wpsm_dropcap] girl on Avakin Life, reportedly, faked her own death.  The girl’s name is Bunny Blazer. She told people she had cancer and that she would die soon.  Through word-of-mouth, people believed her and held virtual funerals to mourn her death.  However, Bunny’s death was exposed as a hoax and she’s alive and well.

After being posted on popular Avakin Life pages like BrokenDollx and AL Daily, the girl’s death was widely publicized.  You can attribute the spread of this story to untrustworthy bloggers who didn’t do their research. After finding out the girl was alive the whole time, the posts were removed.

Also, side note: Do not trust duplicate accounts posing as me.  For whatever reason, Avakin Life has allowed certain users to pose as me by using identical usernames.  So there are multiple “DonnyPoo” and “Mary Spade” accounts.  Please do not trust fakes.

Donny Pie

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  1. Another attention beggar. It’s horrible to see someone faking cancer when there are people have have real cancer and are dying/have died from it. That is absolutely appalling. In my honest opinion, she should be suspended from Avakin Life.

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