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Happy Birthday Selena Gomez! Do you think Selena & The Weeknd make a good couple?

Above: Selena Gomez and The Weekend. Image Credit

[wpsm_dropcap]O[/wpsm_dropcap]n July 22nd, 2017, Selena Gomez turned 25 years old and is freaking out about it.  She barely looks 24.

Also, following the release of Gomez’s latest single, ‘Fetish’, and the leaked track ‘Stained’ yesterday, fans are now freaking out at how heavily influenced her new music is by her boyfriend, The Weeknd.

Her most recent love interest is R&B singer Abel Tesfaye, known as The Weeknd.  While Gomez’s Instagram account has been flooded with promotions about her singles releasing, previous posts were mostly about her going on tour around the world with The Weeknd and their Met Gala red carpet walk together (as seen in the picture above).

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