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LEAKED AUDIO: Omg shocking! Jack Gilinsky Calls Madison Beer a S***

Madison Beer is an American singer and actress who gained media attention after pop star Justin Bieber tweeted a link to a video of her singing.  Her ex-boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky, became known through Vine and turned to a career as a pop-rap musician.

Last night, Jack Gilinsky was recorded in an explosive leaked audio that had gone viral on Twitter.  You can here the ex-Vine star verbally abusing Madison with nasty names like “S***”.  Some people are labeling this as a sexist remark.  However, there can be some truth behind it.

Image Credit: Jack Gilinsky

Jack Gilinsky Expresses a Drunken Frustration Toward Madison

“I’m not gonna touch you. I’m not gonna move. Just solely to p*** you off I’m gonna stand here and talk. And later I will tell you what’s up,” a male voice (that fans think is Gilinsky) begins.

“You’re not my boyfriend anymore,” a female voice (that’s allegedly Madison) responds.

“That’s the thing, I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore. You’re a s***! you’re a s***!” the man fires back. “Johnson! Johnson!” Fans are assuming “Johnson” refers to Jack Johnson.

“You’re a s***. You’re a s***. You haven’t told me about something, huh. Guess who can get any girl they can f****** want?” the guy says as the argument heats up.

Image Credit: Madison Beer

Apparently, Jack was also insulted by Madison shading his music. She fired back and threatened to call the cops, “The things you’re saying to your girlfriend are out of control. Just stop, why are you wasting your time? Then go fuck every girl in LA! I will literally call the police on you!”

“Fuck you, b****! You’re a s***,” the guy says as the audio clip ends.

#JackGilinskyIsOverParty Trends on Twitter

Fans immediately rushed out to Madison’s defense, as they criticized Jack on Twitter saying he’s being sexist and verbally abusive.




Do you think Madison deserves this kind of treatment?

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