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Logan Paul dropped the second verse and makes out with Alyssa Violet

[wpsm_dropcap]J[/wpsm_dropcap]ust when you thought the beef was over between Jake Paul and Logan Paul; it starts again.

ourGemCodes hasn’t covered this story because it seems like intentional drama for views, but since we covered the story this past month — it only makes sense for us to continue covering the ongoing drama.

So, to catch you up on what’s been happening:

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Jake Paul was kinda dating Alyssa Violet?  One cheated on the other, feelings were hurt, and Alyssa was dropped from Team 10 (Jake’s group).

Jake, then, released a diss track on his brother Logan Paul because there’s an ongoing prank war between the two.  These prank wars are setup and we can safely assume the diss tracks were setup as well.  This “real life” drama has garnered the brothers HUNDREDS of millions in views.

Logan, in response to the diss track, released one of his own.  But only releases the first verse.  They, then, both made videos saying they destroyed the second verse.  They lied… and probably knew they’d release the second verse intentionally once people’s emotions died down a bit.


Fast forward: things were good for awhile. Jake moved on and married Erica. Logan finished his movie.  But in the past week, drama ensued…

[wpsm_dropcap]L[/wpsm_dropcap]ogan has been bullying his younger brother, Jake Paul, and blackmailing him with the second verse.  In response to this, Jake Paul made a billboard of Logan at a busy intersection in Los Angeles, California.  Logan Paul didn’t take this prank too kindly.

Jake then, releases the second verse on his own channel.  The second verse was garbage, to say the least.  Logan retaliates by releasing the verse on his own channel.  And at the end, it looks like Logan and Alyssa makeout.

As seen in the photo, you can see the Logan Paul and Alyssa Violet begin to kiss.  The video cuts out right before their lips touch.  Interesting, is it not?

Fans didn’t like that Logan Paul kissed his brother’s ex-girlfriend.  And people can only imagine how hurt Jake Paul must feel.  The whole thing seems to be one elaborate storyline.  But it’s fun either way.

So I guess it’s over now?
LOL doubtful.

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