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Ripple is a WEIRD clothing accessory that helps you flirt!

[wpsm_dropcap]R[/wpsm_dropcap]ipple is an accessory that encourages the experience of courtship in daily life, by scanning your surroundings to work out who is attracted to you.  Ripple widens women’s perception by giving them physical sensations to point out who is showing interest in them.  If the interest is mutual, Ripple perceives these natural reactions and amplifies the flirtatious language by moving in response to the suitors gaze.

When was the last time you caught the eye of an intriguing stranger but hesitated in starting a conversation?  Take a moment to think about how many interesting people you have shared spaces with, but never stories, and how much you might have missed out on.

Ripple seeks to solve the problem of timid people by encouraging them to engage in real life.  Due to the internet and technology, people are less present in real life thereby making it harder for them to communicate with others face to face.

It’s an interesting technology but it looks like you’re wearing a sea urchin.  Probably not the best of choices when trying to make an impression on someone. And you’ll probably attract the attention of a lot of people who aren’t necessarily your type, but curious.

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