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This twitter bot creates classic art from YouTube videos and IT’S SUPER COOL!

Image Credit: youtubeartifact

[wpsm_dropcap]Y[/wpsm_dropcap]ouTube Artifact is a twitter bot that tweets an image or video every 3 hours.  The images are taken from a YouTube video, processed in a water-coloring program, then submitted for upload.  You can thank Twitter user dontsave for his contributions to modern art.

[wpsm_dropcap]Y[/wpsm_dropcap]ouTube Artifacts tries a different artistic approach by replicating something you’d see Claude Monet or Mary Cassat create.  Whereas in this case, YouTube Artifacts is simply taking from glitchy YouTube videos.

This technology isn’t, exactly, useful in the sense of monetary value but it’s still pretty cool all the same.  I think this is another example of how easy it is to turn anything into art today with the use of modern technologies.

Mildly interesting.
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