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Nick Crompton “No I’m Not From Compton” | England is my city is now a meme.

[wpsm_dropcap]N[/wpsm_dropcap]ick Crompton is an entrepreneur and social media star who gained popularity on YouTube, then became co-founder of the social media marketing agency Social Chain.  He also became the COO of the web group Team 10.

Jake Paul’s song titled Everyday Bro became a viral sensation and produced several new memes.  One meme of which is from Nick Crompton.  His part of the song is here:

You know it’s Nick Crompton and my collar stay poppin’
Yes, I can rap and no, I am not from Compton
England is my city
And if it weren’t for Team 10, then the US would be shitty
I’ll pass it to Chance ’cause you know he stay litty

Nick Crompton seems to be embracing the whole meme and is being a good sport despite public scrutiny of his poor rapping skills.

Some people are coining his lyrics “Crap Rap” which is a new sub-genre of music where Jake Paul remains ahead of the curve.

Of course, ourGemCodes wouldn’t be ourGemCodes without making a few original memes of our own.  Many of these memes are floating around the internet but now you can view them in all their glory right here.  Just scroll to the right.

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