Cryptocurrency Payments are coming to Mobile games thanks to Monetizr

[wpsm_dropcap]C[/wpsm_dropcap]oinbase Commerce recently launched, thus allowing vendors to have additional options when it comes to monetizing their apps and games.  In addition to all the usual payment solutions — such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and more — cryptocurrency now becomes a viable payment option for in-app purchases.

Today, Monetizr has announced that it has launched the first mobile gaming engine that is integrated with Coinbase Commerce, which means taht its five million users can now pay for in-app purchases with any cryptocurrency that is supported by Coinbase.

It also means that users can buy real-world rewards through the platform too. While many in-app purchases only ever lead to the acquisition of virtual goods, Monetizr allows for the purchase of physical products, such as game-related merchandise. And if that wasn’t enough, the platform also provides for cross-device game saves and in-game currency synchronization.

“Monetizr has shipped products to more than 40 countries worldwide,” Martins Bratuskins, founder and COO at Monetizr, told me. “Through our manufacturing partners, who are located strategically around the world, we can ship directly to consumers quickly and cost effectively — anywhere in the world except for sanctioned countries.”

Mobile gaming is currently a $50 billion industry, according to Newzoo, and analysts estimate there are 2.1 billion mobile gamers worldwide. Could mobile gaming be the Trojan horse we’ve been looking to force broad adoption of cryptocurrency payments? Bratuskins thinks so.

“Yes! Mobile gamers spent more than $40 billion on in-game currencies in 2017, and this number is growing each year,” Bratuskins said. “It means mobile gamers are very familiar with how digital currencies work. However, the in-game currencies of today have no value whatsoever outside the game where they were earned. Monetizr’s approach doesn’t require any behavior change for gamers, bridges a gap between physical and digital worlds, and gives real-life value to gamers.”

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