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69 likes and I’ll release the MSP Sex Tape… (。◕‿◕。)

5 Fun Couple Activities
#1. Dirty Chat
This is the most known form of couple activities in MovieStarPlanet. Couples totally 50 shades of MSP.

#2. Have Pixel Sex
Lots of people do it and it not socially accepted whatsoever. It’s actually super weird. Make sure you use protection… like a virus program or something. You don’t want your computer to get aids.

#3. Watch YouTube Videos Together
You can hangout and chat while watching MSP YouTube videos that 99% of the time suck. HAVE FUN!

#4. Go shopping together
This is the most fun activity I can think of… because who doesn’t like shopping and themes? Rate each other’s outfits. It’s the best 69/69

#5. Play games together!
MSP is all about games. Play some games together. You can even make artbooks together. It doesn’t always have to be games. The most important rule is to have fun.

Bonus Activity – Make an MSP Sex Tape
This is totally all about the pixel action, omg. I’m joking. Please don’t take these silly antics as serious and BE CAREFUL ON THE INTERWEBZ. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TO!

Unless.. they do YouTube like me ;)

Thank you all for watching. I only have 3 more videos for MovieStarPlanet. New uploads every Wednesday!

(( This video was suggested by cupid… ))

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