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MovieStarPlanet: Anonymous Hacker Exposed

In 2013, a person was hacking MovieStarPlanet accounts. Reportedly, this person was claiming to be part of the online activist group called “anonymous.” This claim is not true. Anonymous would never attack a social media site for children. MovieStarPlanet is a good company with no negative stakes on their reputation. The person hacking the accounts did so immaturely and out of boredom.

In 2015, some people have claimed this anonymous MSP hacker to have returned to MovieStarPlanet. But as a developer myself, I am led to believe this hacker is working with several people. Hackers commonly work together. And it is possible MovieStarPlanet has patched all backdoors and security holes.

If anyone who looks like an anonymous hacker tries to talk to you, DO NOT RESPOND! She can and will find a way to hack you. Block her immediately. If she bothers you on several accounts, or has hacked one of your friends and if after you next, change your password and LOG OUT OF MSP FOR A WHILE! If she appears on your login screen, DO NOT ENTER YOUR PASSWORD!! Keep refreshing until you get a different avatar on the login screen.

The most common way hackers get into your account is by getting your personal information. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE. It’s the only thing preventing people from logging into your account. Besides that, have fun on moviestarplanet!

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