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6 Signs That Indicate an ourWorld Scammer

Players complain about scammers all the time on ourWorld.  In fact, some of you might have been scammed in the past.  Here are the top 6 signs that indicate an ourWorld Scammer:

#6. My father is the owner of ourWorld.

Have you heard this one before, “My father is the owner of ourWorld and he will delete your player if you don’t gift me.”  This is a well known ploy to get gifts.


Don’t fall for this trick.  They’re trying to scare you into gifting them.  You don’t have to gift anyone.  It’s okay.  Everything will be fine.

#5. It’s my birthday!

Wait a second, wasn’t it your birthday last week?  And the week before then?  And the week before then?!!   Gosh, it seems like some people were born everyday of the year.  Pfft, we’re not falling for it!


People lie about their birthday all the time.  Don’t fall for it!

#4. I’m giving my account away to whoever gifts me most :)

If you were giving your account away, then why would you need gifts?  Come on.  We all know you’re not gonna quit ourWorld.  Stop lying.


They’re lying.  Don’t fall for it!

#3. Gift me first then I’ll gift you back.  I promise.

You promise you’ll gift me if I gift you first?  You pinky promise?  Swear on it.  Cross your heart and hope to die.  Okay, now remember you promised and sweared!!  -sends them a gift-


Okay, now it’s your turn to send me a gift.  Wait, what?!?  You blocked me!?!?  FML -.-

#2. I only have a few days to live.

Example:  I have this illness.  It’s a very rare condition. My doctor said I only have a few days to live.  And before I die, there’s only one thing I want.  Please help me… by gifting me a residency pass! :DDD


Fun fact:  Skye Pie has used this trick many times, to get girl’s phone numbers.  Sad to say, it’s never worked.  Ever.

#1. But you can trust me.

We’re best friends.  I’ve known you forever.  You can trust me, right?  Just let me borrow your item and I’ll give it back to you later.  These are all major signs of a scammer.  If any of your so-called “friends” asks you these questions then block them immediately.  They are trying to scam you.


This post was submitted by Dulzura.  If you’d like to become a guest author, then use our form located here (posts get reviewed before being published. so serious posts only).

Disclaimer: We do not encourage scamming.  We only make posts to heighten the awareness of ourWorld players.  Thanks!


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