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downWorld Condo Mystery Box

The downWorld Condo Mystery box has come a long way from the underworld to appear in ourWorld. You can get this box by going to your condo, then looking in the shop. Hopefully condo items will be added to the superstore sometime soon.

Alien Lander Water Crystal
Broken Mine Cart Sight Crystal
Ship Relic Schematic City Light
Prison Bars Light Crystal
Light Canopy Access Wall
Huge Cog Hollow Trunk
Cargohold Box Fallen Explorer
downWorld Puff downWorld Plant
Death Angel Statue Corridor Cleaner
Chamber Light Chamber Column
Hightech Pillar Spikey Column
Wired Forest  Background Lava Maze Background
Battleshock Crawlspace Background

These items are perfect for players who love downWorld.  Make your condo the under realm.  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.  Leave nice comments.  Thank you.

Edit: This box just recently launched!

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