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Fan Art Saturday!

Hey there, it’s Saturday! Yeah, that’s right, OGC didn’t post any fan art for a long time but now, FAN ART SATURDAY is back and with more amazing art! This week’s artist is Katherine aka Wisteria! I picked her because I really like her art and style. Also her tastes are just very original! Her fave color is GREY! Also she describes herself as a quiet and awkward person but still honest! Well i agree with honest part. Also she likes poetry! Anyway, let’s talk more about her artistic skills. She’s doing traditional and digital art in different styles. She says: “I started drawing around the age of 3 and continued on throughout elementary. Teachers and fellow students would always tell me I was gifted but i got insecure and quit for a while. I really just try to focus on improvement, and along with writing, it’s one of my favorite hobbies!” Ok, that’s just really nice! And finally, here are some examples of her ourWorld fan art! ENJOY…






Amazing,right? As i mentioned before,her ourWorld username is Wisteria and you can contact her…



Anyway I really like her art! The proportion and shading are so good! But what do you think about her art? Do you like it? Or maybe you want to critique it? Leave a comment below!

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