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Original Artwork: Love Letter OGC Forums Style

Hello there people of the virtual world! Some of you may have heard a couple of love letters and now you shall hear another brilliant one. This love letter is made by one of the wonderful members of the OGC forums, her name is CK Lellepop. She says that this is just something that has popped into her head and is not intended for anyone, this love letter is intended to be OGC forums style, enjoy!

“You disappeared from  my life like the OGCF store….
I miss our conversations as much as I miss the chat
Everytime you ignore me it’s like you clicked the dislike button
You know why it’s the same?! ‘Cause even if you did, I still love you
You are the Sikk to my Glitz
You balance my life like a moderator
I love you as much as Skye loves pie
You’re such a cupcake, can I be your potato?!
You’re voice is like my ourworldfm <33
You’re so handsome as if you’re one of Blade’s pieces of art
I can tell you I love you a million times but I don’t wanna get reported for spam
1 message from you is worth 500 alerts on the forums <3
I hope you would not rate this letter as “dumb” :/
Oh never mind, that button was removed, unlike all the love you left in me
At the end, I wanna end up this letter like I end my threads
I love you like the Ourgemcodes Forums <33


Amazing, brilliant!! I have no words for this whatsoever! That love letter is very creative and I even had a laugh at some parts of the letter, did you?

Some of you  don’t have an account on the forums so you may be confused at parts of this love letter. Thank god that confusion feeling doesn’t have to last forever! Go ahead and make an account on the forums, just click the button on the top of your screen that says “FORUMS”


If you’re still not convinced and if you’re wondering why you should join the OGCF, read Only’s awesome post to why you should join the forums


What did you think about this love letter? Did you like it? Did you love it? Did you have a laugh?

Tell us your opinion in the comments!




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