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Game of the Week: Genesis


This week’s game was suggested a lo-o-o-ong time ago by Gauche and more recently by owGods Sunny. In Genesis, a Strategy game, you play an array of different characters on quests unknown through worlds unknown.  Perhaps as you proceed in your quest you’ll come to know these worlds? I’m not even sure, as I’ve just for the first time played this game. Doug Bot also has a series of challenges for this game where you can win Flow, badges, and clothing.

This game is laptop-friendly but a little bit confusing. I’ll help with the confusing part to the best of my ability: Here are some tips.

  • As with any game involving melee (close-up, like swords and knives) and ranged (like bows and magic, can shoot over distance) characters, try to hide the ranged characters behind melee ones.
  • Don’t forget to summon your tarot minions. If you forget, you’re just basically dead.
  • Pay attention to the win/lose conditions at the beginning of each battle.
  • When fighting tough bosses with a lot of minions, you may want to kill the minions first just so they don’t all gang up on you later.
  • Watch your energy!
  • Save your game at every chance you get- never know when you’ll get to save again.

Now let’s get things straight: The comments section is for comments related to my post. So, if you’d like to suggest a game for next week (which, by the way, is a very good idea, and you can also message me on ourWorld) then by all means do so. If you’d like to tell me some funny story about when you were a noob and you played the game all the time then by all means do so. But, if you’re one of those people who puts down other players or makes dirty jokes in the comments, please save it. Grow up. Leave my comment section and be stompled into the ground by the Queen Bean. (I know that stompled isn’t a word, for the record.) This isn’t Homestuck, and trolling isn’t cool.

And on a better note: Virtual ponies go to Pink Strawberry (who gets two for suggesting two games) and wait wat. Thanks guys– I’m still going to give out more virtual ponies so stay tuned. And for the two of you just each take one of these ones. (If you’re so set on getting a better pony you can PM me on the forums.)


That is all, my dear friends. For now, anyways.

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